Tuesday , June 18 2019
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The Beauty Results Are In: Here Are The Editor’s Beauty Product Picks “Best In Class”

From hair care to makeup, our expert chooses the Editor’s beauty product picks “Best In Class” you should consider. Representing and writing for the 50+ demographic isn’t only a joy, it’s a responsibility. Think about it: Two decades ago we embarked on harsh chemical peels and jagged, granular buffing treatments that ...

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The Return Of The Supermodel: Not Just Pretty Faces Any More


Supermodels are baaaack! This spring to prove their prowess through acting, business ventures, and humanitarian causes. The term “supermodel” went full force in the early ’90s, a legendarily serendipitous era for both the fashion and modeling industries. And now those pioneering women are enjoying a resurgence as refreshing as this ...

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Republicans Are Psychopaths (There’s Scientific Proof)

Donal Trump crazy

Finally! Scientific studies prove that Republicans are psychopaths. No one is shocked. There have been quite a few articles recently pointing to studies about the intelligence of people who call themselves Conservative, Tea Partiers and Republicans. The studies are scientific, come from reputable universities and organizations and have been peer ...

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