Monday , September 21 2020
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Buck Wargo

Senior Editor (Money + Retirement Planning)

Learning From The Past: Why House Congressional Leadership Fighting Is So Detrimental


Party fight is not good for the nation When did governing become a bad word? When I was a reporter just starting my career in Texas I had the chance to cover my first member of Congress at the launch of his political career in Washington, D.C. Dick Armey served ...

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Will You Binge Watch Sports Or Your Favorite TV This Holiday Weekend? Then Read This First

Binge watch tv

Sitting for too long can lead to pulmonary embolism. What do you have planned this Labor Day Weekend? Like most of us, you’ll be catching up on something you’ve been missing – whether it’s sleep, travel, or time with friends or family. Or maybe you’ve got a well-earned date with ...

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A Lifelong Football Fan Doesn’t Think Ohio State Can Repeat – Do You Agree?

College Football Ohio

Some new surprises put SEC at a disadvantage, so my surprising pick for who’s going to take it all home. It’s going to be hard to bet against the defending college football champs of Ohio State this year. (Sorry, Michigan fans.) Yet, I’m going to do it. The Buckeyes were ...

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Dear Pundits, Wake Up – Donald Trump Could Very Well Win The GOP Primary

Donald Trump

Bush’s attacking campaign reveals their fear of Trump winning. When are these pundits on television finally going to get it about Donald Trump? If I hear one more person compare his situation to when Rudy Giuliani led the polls in 2007 then went nowhere, or call it a summer fling ...

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One Writer’s Very Strong Conviction That The Iran Nuclear Deal Is The Best Way To Keep That Nation From Getting Nuclear Bomb

Iran Nuclear deal

He says that the critics arguing for war should be the first to the frontlines. If I were always wrong about predictions or analyses, I would shut my mouth instead of proving to everyone that I’m a fool. Too bad it doesn’t work that way in Washington. The same people ...

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Trump TV Anyone?

Donald Trumop, next presidential election

Trump is the center of the universe right now – the other candidates’ only hope for headlines is a snappy comeback to his face during the debates. A day doesn’t go by when we don’t see one headline about who one of the Kardashians is dating or which one is ...

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Hand Over The Keys, Pops – The Hard Reality When Our Parents Can No Longer Drive

Senior care – older drivers

Most families are reluctant to have the driving conversation as parents get older. When we were growing up, it pained Dad to have to give us the car keys, because he knew how we drove as teenagers and knew that we didn’t always make the right decision while driving or ...

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