Sunday , September 27 2020
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Men’s Affordable Luxury: Sight, Sound and Touch Leaves A Nice Scent


Lifestyle and personal technology items are one economic portion that doesn’t leave out the male sector, possibly favoring male consumers. And although they are necessary, I’m not talking nose hair trimmers, body hair removal wands and 4-D jelly-bristled electric toothbrushes. Even electric razors, in my opinion, were once categorized right ...

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Men’s Fashion Week Proves We Have Some Skin In The Game


Most men don’t aspire to be pretty, or let alone be called “pretty.” Though we’re now way beyond the era of the so-called “metrosexuals,” actually those dudes now have boomer’ed into the 50+ age group (time does fly). But, to be sure, that word is still not welcome in our ...

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Gorgeous: In 2016, A Woman Just Might Have To Live A Little—A Lot More Often.


The holiday festivities, crazy schedules and trying to merge your upside down-ness with everyone else’s is an annual event. Goodbye 2015! Now that all that is behind us, let’s go the direction of self-love and indulge in beauty products that work and just plain make us feel great! This grand ...

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Learning From The Past: Why House Congressional Leadership Fighting Is So Detrimental


Party fight is not good for the nation When did governing become a bad word? When I was a reporter just starting my career in Texas I had the chance to cover my first member of Congress at the launch of his political career in Washington, D.C. Dick Armey served ...

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New (And New-ish!) Fall 2015’s Real Beauty Innovators


The newest items that deliver inspiring results, straight from our beauty editor. Among A-list fashionistas and in-the-know people who follow new trends, styles or “it colors” across any vertical, whether it be makeup’s new shades or skincare’s new buzz-word ingredients for age-reversal, Autumn/Fall is when it happens most significantly and ...

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A Jewel Of A Party For The Most Beautiful Icon

Beverly Johnson

High fashion’s elite feted supermodel Beverly Johnson during the most glamorous book party to remember. When fashion divo powerhouse André Leon Tally writes the forward to your memoir and trusted celebrity event and fashion photographer Patrick McMullan covers your red carpet kickoff, you know life has been grand. A supermodel’s ...

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Top Ten Types Of Ludicrous Article Commenters

social media

Water cooler “talk” on social media? These guys just get in the way. Every day, thousands of pieces are written, published, and put online. And every day, readers conjugate and coagulate online and on social media at the bottom of these articles and sometimes actually talk about what they’ve just ...

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