Tuesday , September 22 2020


The Beauty Results Are In: Here Are The Editor’s Beauty Product Picks “Best In Class”

From hair care to makeup, our expert chooses the Editor’s beauty product picks “Best In Class” you should consider. Representing and writing for the 50+ demographic isn’t only a joy, it’s a responsibility. Think about it: Two decades ago we embarked on harsh chemical peels and jagged, granular buffing treatments that ...

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Changing The Face Of Grooming


Men, your secret weapon has arrived: Luna’s new one- step technology device cleans, pushes impurities out, lifts beards and revs up circulation for younger looking skin. Step aside, ladies! Anti-aging skincare, devices and groundbreaking releases have always favored women. But a new gadget is now available for men that not ...

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Australia’s Hottest Hair Product


Playful, edgy and powerful, Australia’s No.1 selling professional hair care may use sensual marketing, but it delivers results. If you haven’t seen MUK’s catchy, nearly nude, sensuality-infused ad campaigns, chances are you’ll hear about Australia’s No.1 selling hair care brand via someone who has tried it. Because it works; and, ...

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