Wednesday , October 21 2020
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Men’s Affordable Luxury: Sight, Sound and Touch Leaves A Nice Scent


Lifestyle and personal technology items are one economic portion that doesn’t leave out the male sector, possibly favoring male consumers. And although they are necessary, I’m not talking nose hair trimmers, body hair removal wands and 4-D jelly-bristled electric toothbrushes. Even electric razors, in my opinion, were once categorized right ...

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Men’s Fashion Week Proves We Have Some Skin In The Game


Most men don’t aspire to be pretty, or let alone be called “pretty.” Though we’re now way beyond the era of the so-called “metrosexuals,” actually those dudes now have boomer’ed into the 50+ age group (time does fly). But, to be sure, that word is still not welcome in our ...

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Shocker! Bro-lish Is One Fashion Accessory Boomers Have More Experience With

David Bowie

Indulge your Ziggy Stardust fantasies – it’s now in style for non-rock stars, too. If we’re in our prime now, we were really bad-asses during Ziggy Stardust’s reign. Nowadays, if you want to be Kiss crooning Beth or Marilyn Manson dark, you can be. Or if you prefer a more ...

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Kiehl’s Has Pushed Men’s Grooming Into The Anti-Aging Arena With Major Force

anti-aging skincare for men

The famous line has grown up (but not old) with their committed customer base. There was a time in skincare technology when super-hydration and moisturization seemed sufficient. And the skin science beat goes on… Gentlemen, now power-packed enzyme and antioxidant-infused serums, tightening lifters, and all-over brightening for blotches and spots ...

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Men’s Grooming Tips: Five Things Driving Your Significant Other Crazy!

Men's Pro-gorgeous skincare

If you have a live-in partner in your life, there are assuredly a few things that may be driving them crazy. These five men’s grooming tips will help you have a more peaceful and happier relationship. Being well-groomed is something that we should all strive to be. Aside from just ...

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Mens Grooming: It’s Time For A Little Sophistication, Gentlemen

The daily grind of preparing oneself to face the world keeps getting more sophisticated, but also more fun. Looking younger and smelling better should be a given, not a burden. Shaving is a right of passage that men have little choice over. But modern technology has allowed us to have ...

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