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BCA Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Has Beauty Written All Over It

The pink ribbon and all that it stands for makes our everyday anti-aging wellness and beautification process even more meaningful. Amazing products that support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month are a great way to exercise your pro-gorgeous lifestyle and inner philanthropist.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes every year in October. Founded in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries (AstraZeneca) as a wellness movement to evoke early detection awareness, fund research and much, much more. But the initial and most profound reasoning for the declared calendar date was (and still is) supporting breast cancer through treatment and survivorship. Globally.

Thanks to this foundation and its supporters, breast cancer awareness grew enormously as a household cause and a very recognized life threatening illness that didn’t have to be, if detected early enough. In 1991 Susan G. Komen Foundation had handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors. To continue on with Komen’s ribbon of support, awareness and productivity of the BCA pink ribbon movement, Evelyn Lauder of Estée Lauder Companies adopted this pink ribbon as its representing emblem for breast cancer in 1993. Which, in turn, made the pink ribbon of action and hope a universal symbol all retail and brand icons honor to this day. Yes, it’s big business. But imagine the social heat many recognizable brands would endure if they didn’t participate. Bottom line? If we don’t use and purchase what they’re selling, they can’t donate. And most brands (especially beauty) really put a lot of thought, wellness-sensitive design, curative formulas and noticeable packaging into their BCA campaigns.

Linda-MorinNowadays, many of our most well known brands marketed to women not only are in major support of BCA, they also donate generously to major organizations that support BCA year round. This includes private benefactors as well. The list is enormous, but here’s a partial list:

The American Cancer Society (, National Breast Cancer Foundation (, Susan G. Komen Foundation ( and Stand Up To Cancer ( Many non-profit foundations also offer guidance and support at a state level, which is a good way to find out more localized needs and financial assistance, medical options and emotional support, including support groups and meeting places for new friends. The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition is one of these very organized groups ( If you or someone you love is from Great Britain, there’s The Haven ( I loved meeting the author of the book The Courage To Look Beyond, Linda Morin, a beautiful person and cancer survivor (while surviving many other simultaneous obstacles). Linda was also the first person to pose bare chested for the cover of her book after her double mastectomy—the surgical removal of breast cancer. Her chronicled account of diagnosis to survivorship and beyond is bold and aggressively inspirational.

Here’s the pretty part. Beauty manufacturers have the ability to not only make the world a more beautiful place by partnering up their top-shelf skincare and cosmetics with BCA organizations, they’re also donating a percentage of profits to the cause. So let’s be sure to add some of these specially created and handpicked glamour items to our repertoire, knowing someone in need will benefit from your beauty routine. Even better, preparing the BCA coffers for those that haven’t been tested for breast cancer and follow through with testing. Let’s get shopping!

Suki-ultra-protect-body-balmAt the top of my Breast Cancer Awareness shopping list are some very generous donors. If you or a gift recipient are fussy (or fancy), but also vegan or gluten free, then vitamin-packed suki skincare will impress and perform. An astonishing 100 percent of proceeds (!) from the sale of Suki Ultra-Protect Body Balm gets donated to Super dense and absorbent, combatting “dry stretch marks, sore, chafed, cracked and damaged skin, eczema patches, even mom’s bellies and baby bottoms!” Suki’s line is large, effective and here to stay. Suki’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and Resurfacing Enzyme Peel will literally clear the way for Radical Results Youth Serum before any of their moisture protocols. The 2 Step Ultra-Soft Lip Kit uses 4-Swipe Formula Lip Care with real silk. Part of Suki’s “rescue: skin crisis intervention.” Winter is coming. Seal your skin.

Jane-Iredale-Smell-The-Roses-Hydration-SprayAs of September 2014, Jane Iredale has continued donating 100 percent of the profits (!) from Smell The Roses Hydration Spray, which provides refreshed, dewy skin and is air travel friendly at three ounces. Pink. Roses. Get in the habit.

Estée Lauder’s beautiful, powerhouse jewel box of BCA beauty is aptly named The Evelyn Lauder Dream Collection because they are, in fact, dreamy, gorgeous, collectible conversation pieces of glamour which generously benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Modern Muse houses a solid perfume compact with selected notes that evoke confidence, independence and inspiration, with 100% of its retail price being donated. The Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Pink Collection is a decadent pink lip and nail collection that gives 20 percent. Since breast cancer also affects some of the male population, the Evelyn Lauder Dream Pin embeds two stones—one pink and one blue. Love that. See all the Estée Lauder BCA luxuries on their website. They’re stylish, affordable and will have impact all year long. For a lovely visual, visit the Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, showcasing their worldwide branded outreach. Want to see Paris’ Eiffel Tower in pink day-glow? C’mon, now—who doesn’t?Estee Lauder PC Envy

Nails always look pretty in pink or Acquarella. CureDiva has created a limited edition bottle to help benefit research and finding a cure. This “Brave” bottle will be available for purchase through October 31, 2014, donating a portion of funds from every purchase to

Sales from the following two brands benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is donating 20 percent of all proceeds through October, 2014. I’m overdue telling you about this ant-wrinkle pillow that’s designed around the contours of the face, neck and shoulders. More wrinkles happen in bed than the beach. It works great at keeping your face from getting “scrunched” with lines that can get ironed in. But what I found JuvaRestmost effective was the scientific slope under the neck area of the pillow, which allows for zero tension and perfect placement when attempting to realign a wonky neck and shoulder area. I highly recommend visiting their website for the surprising list of sleep changes (and habits) you should be made aware.

DHC-Beauty-Inspires-Hope-SetWho doesn’t love a deeply moisturizing glove hand treatment? Add a neck, shoulder and pressure points balancing aromatherapy and you have DHC’s Beauty Inspires Hope Set. This luxe, limited edition at-home set includes a potent Olive Hand Cream that helps cure dryness and cracking, a set of very durable pink, Moisturizing Spa Gel Gloves and their Aroma Balm Natural Balance with essential oils that calm your soul and your skin (can be used on hands too, before cream). Their Deep Cleansing Oil is one of the biggest global sellers, being water-soluble and removing even waterproof mascara and eyeliner, cleaning gently while it nourishes with olive oil. DHC. A lot of skincare remedies.

Emi-Jay-Hair-TiesThere’s hair ties, then there’s hair ties by snappy, young entrepreneurs with a penchant for appearances, accessories and philanthropy. Youthful, “hip” and very creative, Emi-Jay produces handmade, hand-dyed hair ties and headbands, where no two are identical. Choose from Doodle, Crystal Bead, the Leather line or, of course, their assortment of BCA-inspired pink collectibles for your hair. Their Pink Is The New Black is one T-shirt you’ll want to wear. Plus, 20 percent of profits go to BrightPink.

Hydro-Peptide-Perfectly-Pink-Gloss-SetWhen I saw Hydro Peptide’s Perfectly Pink Gloss Set I knew that besides looking really glam, it would be so much more. An actual lip enhancing treatment, these pearlized, deep nudes have volumezing peptides and long-lasting supple hydration. Perfectly Pink set includes full sizes of Beach Blush Perfecting Gloss & Nude Pearl Perfecting Gloss. Better yet, they’re donating $5 of every set sold to Look Good Feel Better, helping the quality of life and self-esteem for people in cancer treatment.

Let’s not forget the other side of the philanthropic coin. Many international sports leagues display a heavy awareness for breast cancer awareness. The NFL, Nike and Michael Jordan’s Super.Fly are making big impact alongside the cheeky smiles of burly athletes sporting neon pink cleats and accessories this October.

Talking passionately about those affected by any cancer is one thing. Seeing the actual expressions of those involved, those affected and those campaigning for financial aid and research taps into a lot of emotions. But there are happy moments, too. Staying pro-gorgeous is helping the world in a big, pink way.

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