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Bottom Of The Barrel: Budweiser Seeks To Rebrand As “America”

If you like Budweiser, you should probably stop reading this article right now because I am sorry. I am not sorry that you like drinking this beer. Rather, I feel sorry for you that you’ve decided to drink something as cheap, mass produced, preserved, over marketed and watered down as this beverage.

But we all make choices.

You are free to drink any beer you want, even if it’s loaded with fillers, created using cheap ingredients and produced in a process where half the beer brewed washes down the drain in the factory floor instead of actually making it into a bottle.

But we all make choices.

However, when Budweiser decides that it’s okay to rename their beverage “America,” that’s where I take a stand.

Budweiser has stated that they are rebranding their beer as “America” with Liberty and Justice for All” and “Indivisible Since 1776” on the packaging.

Mind you, this is intended only for the summer. But still it makes me irate.

In addition, the beer maker will be adding “Land of the Free,” “Home of the Brave” and “From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters this land was made for you and me.”

All this makes me think of is that our national heritage is akin to a cheap beer. Which it most certainly is not.

But there’s more irony here at works.

You see, Budweiser is no longer an American beer. It was purchased by InBev in 2008. They are based in Belgium and Brazil, not the USA.

This summer, you’d technically be drinking a Belgium beer that’s named America. Even more ironic is that there are plenty of great beers that come from Belgium. Just not this one.

I always looked at cheap beers as sporting event beers and low cost dorm room beverages. They are cheap, do not have a high alcohol content and go down like water. They also tend to cause a migraine a whole lot sooner than they do intoxication, namely due to added preservatives, helping prevent abuse.

I will never refer to Budweiser as America. Seeing as small businesses are the actual heartbeat of America, craft beers allude to this nomenclature far better.

So tip your glass with a real beer like a Stone Ale or a Dale’s Pale Ale this summer – or your pick of the better beer crop (there are ample good beers to choose from domestically that are superior).

But whatever you do, don’t insult our nation by opening up a cheap can of America.

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