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Best SPF Beauty Products: Sunscreen Becomes Chic (And Effective)

Sunscreen SPF’s are no longer the wet blanket of muck laying over the perfect canvas you work so hard to keep flawless: Here are the best SPF beauty products.

It’s time to talk about the very best SPF beauty products.

Think about it. Whether you spent big bucks or not, your skincare regimen may include a toner, serum, eye treatment and lifting moisturizer, then, that awful white layer of smelly SPF protection placed just before your custom-blended foundation and powder… to ruin a smooth, finished look. Not to mention the heavy feel sunscreen used to have. It was if we were wearing a polyester sweat suit over a pink Chanel two-piece hounds tooth. I often wondered which was worse? Breakouts from my SPF or getting dark spots from unprotected UVA/UVB rays. Several years back, I really just hated the idea of putting a sunscreen on my face unless I was at the beach or pool. That’s no longer the case.

Then something changed drastically about two years ago. (personally, I think it was a lot of feedback, whining, commentary and vocalization from men and women who said “No way!” “This isn’t cutting it!” “Not on my face!”) Now we don’t have to choose and can use SPF in confidence. Not only did sunscreen become scientifically advanced, chemists found ways to make it luxe and invisible to the wearer as well as the viewer. Sunscreen can now naturally disappear into our facial skin, provide plant-based antioxidants, lifting ingredients, contains light-reflecting pearlization, tones for evenness and can be infused with hints of your foundation range of shade—all without clogging pores or requiring a harsh cleanser to remove all traces.

Please note: “BB” creams and “CC” creams have transitioned from skincare to sun care. Relatively new to many, they both provide light color particles and/or light foundation-type coverage, but very light! BB creams are good for drier skin and contain a moisturizer, sunscreen, non-brightening primer, light coverage foundation and built in anti-aging properties. The later being it’s primary purpose. While CC creams tend to be lighter with the focus being more concealer-type coverage.

Today, every major skincare brand has a pretty deluxe sun protection item in its lineup. Many feel like spa-treatment quality. Really. Many come with super antioxidants, lifters, tone enhancers, light tints (for coverage) and many other unique ingredients that help their respective brand stand out. So, I’ve put together a head start list of some of the very best options for protecting your beautiful face or handsome mug that don’t feel sticky, yucky, clogging or heavy, while feeling luxuriated and enhanced. And, yes, I actually use most of them, depending on the day being outside, inside or during sports activity.

Our list of sunscreen MVPs:

Cotz sensitive SunscreenCōTZ: ($20) CōTZ SENSITIVE SPF 40


Obagi: ($45) Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Clarins UV Plus

Clarins: ($42) UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Hydro Peptide

Hydro Peptide: ($44) Solar Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial: ($28) UV Smart® Daily Sunscreen SPF 40


TURO Skin: ($30) TURO Sport Lotion + Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Hampton Sun

Hampton Sun: ($32) SPF 35 CONTINUOUS MIST

Jane Iredale Powder me SPF


Nordic Beauty

Nordic Beauty: Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen SPF 30

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