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Internet Safety Tips

Find what the best safety tips are when browsing the Internet

With more than an estimated two billion people online at any given time, the Internet is one large place. This exemplifies the need for helpful senior internet safety tips. Since seniors come from a different generation and technological nomenclature, it’s important to stay up to par with present day trends, standards, and practices. With regard to internet safety tips, the World Wide Web is a very useful tool. Safeguard yourself against any calamities with these simple suggestions.

Secure Your Internet Hub

The first of the safety tips that can be offered is to browse safely and securely. The most proficient method for doing so involves securing your Internet hub using a powerful antivirus program. Programs like MacAfee and Norton provide superb coverage and protection against known viruses, spyware, malicious software, dangerous websites, and can be installed easily on most computers.

Use a Complex Password

The most common means by which a person is defrauded online is by using a weak password set. A few safety tips that can help you out here include the following:

  • Never use your name, date of birth or social security number in your password.
  • Always make your password at least eight characters or longer.
  • Include upper and lowercase characters as well as numbers and symbols in your password.
  • Use different passwords for all online accounts.

Defeat Email Scams

A common way that seniors are scammed these days is by being scammed online. To avoid these, don’t respond to email inquiries directly. Rather, enter the website address into your browser of your own accord. Keep in mind that any reputable company will never ask you for your user name and password via email. Never give out your password or username to stay in accordance with these internet safety tips.

Monitor Your Credit

It’s highly advised that you sign up for a handy credit monitoring service. Such services range in fees, but are available for low monthly rates that make them feasible. A nifty feature that these monitoring services often offer is a weekly update. This informs you if any uncharacteristic activity is taking place with your credit so you can take action before it’s too late. These services also offer an array of free safety tips that you can find to be useful as well.

Backup You Computer Files Regularly

Always back up your computer files. A good rule of thumb is to do so once a week. You can find online file backup services for marginal monthly fees that enable you to do this. While the Internet is a handy tool and an infinite hub of information, one must be cautious when using it in the same manner that one is cautious with life itself. By harnessing the power of these simple internet safety tips, you can enjoy using the Internet for the powerful resource that is, while not compromising your safety or your identity in the process of doing so.

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