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Martial Arts

Best Martial Art Styles For 50+

Staying active is important at any age, here are some of the best martial art styles for people over 50.

To start with, martial arts is another way of working out for a lot of people while learning how to defend, how to relax and how to clear the mind. It can provide a sense of peace in many ways but since there are many different styles, each style is not meant for every person. Learn your style so you can learn how to get the most benefits from martial arts.

Martial arts contains a lot of striking and grappling and certain ones also contain kicking and punching, which you might find harder to do as a senior. Muy Thai and Savat are two styles that incorporate a lot of these different moves. Martial art styles such as judo involve pins, throws and even submissions. These three different styles are not meant for older adults and instead are meant for younger adults and even children who are more limber.

While marital art style Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ) is very aerobic and can provide the intense training that one’s body needs while also helping to understand submission and passes, it too can be a complex style when it comes to seniors because it exerts the hip and through aging, the hip begin the deteriorate after the age of 50.

Chinese Kung Fu seems to be a great martial art style for seniors and includes forms like Wing Chun and Shaolin Five Animal Style. Most of the striking done within this martial art form is done open-handed rather than through the fist and it focuses less on raw power and more on speed.

It’s important to find a martial art style that doesn’t exert your body to the point of causing pain. Some pain is expected, after all, martial arts is a form of exercise and if your body is not used to exercise, of course muscles are going to get sore.  You want to find a martial art style that provides strength, cardio and mobility training.

When it comes to the different martial art styles there are many choose from and one thing remains the same, not every style is meant for every person. There are so many to choose from and it might take sampling some of them before choosing the right one for you. Give it time and the right one will come along.









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