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Lip Service: Is Your Lip Product Nourishing – Or Just Coating?

Toss the Carmex and Chapstick – the hottest products of today plump, seal, and even boast time-release.


Tisane Lip BalmIf your experience is anything like mine, for as long as I can remember (since junior high at least), I’ve never left the house without a lip product in my pocket. And the few times I did I felt like my day was going to be ruined—or chapped. Because once lips get chapped, it becomes a horrible exercise of trying to remove dead skin and lubricate at the same time. As that goes, nothing has changed for me—I still pack a lip product in my pocket daily. Fortunately, the lip products have become truly state-of-the-art, allowing us to apply less frequently throughout the day. From the best lip balm to gold-infused gloss and the top picks for men, here’s a rundown.

suki lip balm


Some of my favorites? If you find you need to start from scratch, as in exfoliating and renewing, then look no further than suki skincare’s Two Step Lip Kit, which removes dead skin and deeply replenishes to get you back on track with your smooth, sexy pout. New to the market is also the fashion world’s newest addiction, Tisane Lip Balm, a generations-old formula that is based on the highest quality natural ingredients like honey, olive oil, beeswax and vitamin E. AmorePacific’s Moisture Bound Lip Treatment has a heavy bamboo sap that glides on easily and lasts for hours. AquaFolia has Spinach Delight Lip Balm which is actually Maelin+Goetz lip balmvegan and edible (love that)! Malin+Goetz has a new festive and delicious Mojito Lip Balm, and my standard for many years has remained HEMPZ Herbal Lip Balm with pure hemp seed oils and extracts plus SPF 15. Qtica also has one of the most dense and healing products around called Intense Lip Repair Balm. KollagenX has one of the most decadent products ever: Colorless and infused with 24k gold, 2kK Lip Gloss boasts collagen and vitamin E, plus plumpers.

Menaji Lip Balm

On the men’s front, there’s Mënaji Lip Agent, which uses certified organic ingredients. Or try TURO for men, which gives us Protective Lip Balm Treatment. Want to go big, meaning deluxe? Tom Ford has one of my faves—Hydrating Lip Balm for men. It’s very rich and lasts for hours. Thankfully, men no longer have to feel awkward about having sexy, moist lips.Tom Ford Lip balm


KollagenX-24K-Lip-GlossFor some, the eyes may have “it”. For others, they look for their sensual soul mate, lips first. Find your favorite.



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