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You Can Now Bring The Skin Doctor Home—Or At Least His Best Device

You may not be able to take the doctor to bed, but you can now bring home his multi-tasking handheld device, one of the best anti-aging products out there, for picture-perfect DIY anti-aging results.

Why do I love Labelle’s Ultra Sonic Spatula so much? Because it impressively mimics my $12,500 professional machine collecting dust in the corner of my living room – and that thing is one of the very best anti-aging products out there.

If you can get it.

Sure, my three-foot tall, particle-free microderm equipment is more powerful, but unless you own a spa or are licensed (I am), maneuvering the device safely and effectively is a difficult task to perform on oneself. Not to mention that no one is authorized to sell you such a device without the proper med-spa licensure or certification necessary to obtain one.

Labelle’s Ultra Sonic SpatulaBut now there’s the Ultra Sonic Spatula.

Let’s back up. Yes, I use over-the-counter microdermabrasion products that come in the form of enzymatic creams, actual glycolic scrubs and (gentle) multi-acid pads that contain salicylic acids, glycolics and retinols. All are great arsenal for my new pro-gorgeous, anti-aging revolution. Although they can be assertive, they get the job done—exfoliate, unclog nose pores and blackheads, even skin tone and ignite cell turnover.

But my favorite form of “clearing the decks” is in the form of “particle-free” micro-dermabrasion, which hasn’t been available for at-home DIY use. Meaning: no crystals, no beads, no powders or bottled product is necessary to reveal plump, fresh, more youthful skin when you have a device like the Sonic Spatula that does all of this without the added topical skincare product. I’m not saying ditch those products, but toggle them with this device, especially when you need to be physically present, front and center. Or be photographed.

So the new bring-it-home Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula – it is not battery operated, meaning it’s more powerful than most and is charged in an electrical outlet, delivering above-standard ultrasonic waves at 24,000 Hz per second. With its easy to use dual modes (clearing or infusing), there is very little to adjust or think about. Or worry about irritating the skin. Truth? I originally bought my med spa strength equipment to infuse my expensive lifting serums, hyaluronic acids (cells hold approximately 1000X more water absorption with this) and topical ester-C serums. Meaning, these costly beauty products now have the ability to be pushed deeper into all of the areas we need them to, ensuring a lot more infusion than your own manual upward motions – and with the strength of an esthetician’s skilled hand or a licensed med spa professional’s costly treatment.

Furthermore, in-spa or medical office treatments would have to be done more than once a week for six weeks to have staying power or have cumulative effects (exposing an increase in desired effects days after a treatment).

And now you can at home. The Labelle Ultra Sonic Spatula retails for $149 and is available online. Their one-year warranty and three-day money back guarantee makes it very simple to indulge and bring home your face’s new best friend.


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