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Beleaguered Tom Brady Appeals Suspension for Deflate Gate

The New England Patriots are gearing up for the results that will follow after Tom Brady appeals suspension by the NFL today, with none other than commission Roger Goodell moderating the hearing.

While the New England Patriots may be resting for their annual summer break for the next six weeks, following the completion of their early offseason mandatory minicamp, Tom Brady is preparing to go head-to-toe with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

Brady will be appealing a four-week suspension that was handed down from the top brass for his alleged involvement in deflate gate. This involved what third-party investigators determined was intentionally deflating of footballs during the AFC Championship Game (which was a blowout against the Colts), below the league approved PSI levels.

Ted Wells was hired by the NFL to investigate whether or not Brady had any involvement in the scandal. Brady refused to submit his phone to the investigators or his emails – citing privacy reasons – and they therefore concluded that he had to have alluded with other coconspirators and was therefore guilty by association.

Wells’ investigation specifically noted that Brady was “more probable than not […] at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities.”

Namely, Wells was specific to state that Brady’s refusal to turn over his phone or email was conclusive to this. But, to play devil’s advocate here, if you are married to the supermodel Brady is, and you are also a sports superhero celebrity, there’s likely a lot of stuff on your phone or in your emails that’s nobody’s business, especially not Wells. So that request seems dormant in light of other associated and surrounding privacy issues.

In response to Wells’ report, the NFL fined the Patriots $1 million and docked them of their first-round draft pick for 2016.

Brady’s response was candid and expected. He hired super-lawyer Jeffrey Kessler and promptly filed for an appeal. Meanwhile, team owner Robert Kraft said he wouldn’t be appealing, and who really blames him (he’s got a new trophy to hike over his head).

The NFL Players Association has voiced its opinion, saying that Goodell should not be involved in the appeal because he had a say-so in the punishment being handed down.

Meanwhile, Brady and Kessler (who has successfully defended Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson) will get their at-bat with the league on their appeal. But there’s no guarantee that it will be a home run. Speculators say that the most likely result is that the suspension is reduced to just two games.

During the interim, the Pats have signed a reliable and veteran back-up, Matt Flynn, to stand in the gap for Brady, who is defending his legacy as a four-time winning Super Bowl champ as you read this.

We’ll be back with more updates, once the gavel has dropped.

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