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Before You Travel – Stock Up on These Must-Have Travel Items First

Traveling is a cumbersome affair. In reality, we all just want to transport to our destination like they do in Star Trek. But that’s not the reality in which we live. The truth is that we have to take an airplane and go through the motions. Before you head out the door, make sure you are in possession of the following travel items. They’ll save you time and headache later on and are commonly overlooked.


The most forgotten and necessary item are toiletries. You can easily stock up on the travel-sized toiletries that you will need to make your trip more comfortable by making quick trip to Walmart. Look for their toiletries section – they have just about everything that you could ever want in TSA approved sizes. No more tossing expensive lotions or soaps at the TSA line.


Travel insurance is a must-have for any traveler. Period. It protects you if the trip is messed up, if you get sick or become injured and even if bad weather bogs down an island vacation. Take a good look around at the various travel insurance providers. Many offer trip interruption insurance, medical insurance and more to protect you on your journey.


One of the most often forgotten travel item is your medication. Make sure you have plenty of your prescription meds with you just in case. Also, make sure you stock up on things like allergy meds, traveler’s sickness meds and even simple medications like painkillers and decongestants. Also, make sure you check with your doctor regarding any required vaccinations before heading out for an international trip. You may find that you are in need of a shot or two before you tally ho.

Smartphone Set for Travel

If you are planning on leaving the country, you will want to make sure that you contact your mobile services provider. They’ll be able to help you get situated with an international data and service plan that you can use while roaming. Failure to do so could mean that you don’t have a phone for your travels. Take things a step further by adding translation and guide apps to your phone so you are always in the know.

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