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Beauty: The Right Ingestibles Enhance A Pro-Gorgeous Regimen

When it comes to ‘liquid beauty’, choosing your ingestible carefully is key.

Surely you’ve heard this particular nugget: You are what you eat.

As the beauty industry has long acknowledged—perhaps even at the urging of concerned consumers—the most potent probiotic elixirs are primarily plant-based and very often accompany scientific organics to deliver them into our system. But the most basic efforts such as water, sleep and a lot of movement (not necessarily exercise) exude our fruits of labor on our exterior parts such as hair, skin, nails and joints (not to mention a healthy glow and overall contentment with the universe even if life gets rocky).

Yes, I do spend countless hours stalling lines, wrinkles and general aging. But I’ve always been hyper-conscious of boosting health (and youth) from within. So, if veggies aren’t convenient during the day, throw them in the blender with your fruit smoothie. You get all the benefits without the taste. I use frozen spinach or broccoli. Check.

beauty-SKIN-REGIMENWhile you’re at it, get a copy of the book Skin Regimen: The Essential Lifestyle Guide For Skin Longevity And Beauty by Dr. Davide Bollati, the man behind [comfort zone] skincare, an earth-conscious company with proven results. The book also makes a great gift.

As an avid blender drink person, I was always confused when people spoke of “juicing.” To me, juicing meant putting a carrot or an apple in a juicer, throwing away the fibers (which I’m not a fan of unless it’s wheat grass) and drinking the extracted juices. Today, juicing generally refers to throwing whole fruits and vegetables into a blending apparatus with the pulp, fiber and skin as part of the concoction. Now that’s a healthy drink. Stay tuned for a more in-depth view of juicers and blenders, the heavy-duty super-mixer-motor-Olympics.

Don’t have time for all that shopping and food prep? Well, there’s many over the counter, mail order and timed shipping brands just for the busy, but concerned person with high standards. These days, on the go doesn’t have to mean unhealthy choices.

beauty-VemmaVemma is a super supplement beverage containing antioxidants and a dozen full-spectrum vitamins, allowing you to consume all the daily required nutritional ingredients that all come from food. One two-ounce bottle of Vemma is equivalent to a grocery cart full of fresh produce: three broccoli stalks (a good source of iron), two watermelons (Vitamin B6), nine avocados (Vitamin E), five potatoes (Niacin) and many more. beauty-SibuSIBU Beauty has long been one of my favorites. I’ve used the whole line for a year now and I will say I didn’t notice how well it worked until I stopped for a week, as my hair, cuticles and body felt a bit less than. SIBU bases their wellness on the Tibetan Sea Buckthorn Berry, known as the “beauty berry,” also containing the rare Omega-7. Their ounce-a-day Sea Buckthorn and Pure wellness drinks are also terrific items to keep in your arsenal.

beauty-Taut-CollagenIf pre-bottled nutrition isn’t necessary for you, you can still drink your way to plump, beautiful skin with TAUT Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula. A Type I marine collagen infused with anti-aging ingredients restore your skin’s natural youth from within and help reduce signs of aging. I’ve used this for a month and was impressed.

beauty-AshiedaASHIEDA’s Beauty Nectar is another terrific option for renewing hydration, radiance and that rubbery feeling back to skin. For those that can’t afford a daily routine forever (movie stars drink it like water), I still recommend using these elixirs cyclically quarterly to re-energize and stimulate collagen.

Need a recommendation for supplements that assist the body and benefit our skin and aging?MitoQ provides state-of-the-art regimens that excel at breaking barriers and outnumbering most brands for strength and effectiveness. Targeted Antioxidant Dietary Supplements can replenish CoQ10 antioxidant levels in the mitochondria (your body’s cells are fueled by this). This process assists the cell with repair and regular function, acting as tbeauty-MitoQan antioxidant storage center, greatly reducing the damage that excess free radicals cause to DNA and cell membranes. This damage could be airborne via inhaled cigarette smoke including second-hand smoke, smog or pollution. It can be ingested or absorbed (sulfates from liquor and topical soaps, hair products or value-oriented skincare with a lot of fillers, and sugar substitutes) or other cells that are multiplying in our bodies due to an existing illness. beauty-MitoQ-SupplementAnd, MitoQ Anti-Aging Serum, although it’s a topical vanity supplement, is potent enough to be in a class of its own (similar to Dragon’s Blood, another of our previous features). Scientifically engineered from the antioxidant CoQ10, “MitoQ is proven 1,000 times more powerful than any other skin care products containing CoQ10 on the market and is the only one capable of penetrating the mitochondria of cells.”

I would use this over your regular serum, but definitely under your day or night moisturizer; or even under your lifting serum if you use one. As a super antioxidant skin remedy, these types of serums are usually associated with UVA/UB cell damage, uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles. But MitoQ’s penetrable abilities also promote greater collagen and elastin production, which is responsible for lines, wrinkles and lack of plumpness when this production process is slowed down by age and metabolism. I love that this line is focused, allowing you continue with your existing skincare regimen. This is just a very powerful layer standing up to the natural aging process and years of slow, accumulated damage.

Of course there are many, many options for indigestible health, wellness and beauty. And I plan on continually updating your options. Glad we got the “beauty from within” conversation started. Now, drink up for a true pro-gorgeous experience

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