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Prince william, kate middleton, Prince George

Baby Boom! Americans Are Newly Obsessed With The Royals

Baby George and Charlotte gaining royal attention not seen since Princess Di heyday…

In the world of celebrity (the kind that bleeds over into the “news” sections of our favorite online magazines), Americans are most obsessed with two things: royalty and babies. So nothing could be more entertaining than watching the uproar as the Duke of Cambridge Prince William and the stunningly perfect Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton grow their family – bringing out all kinds of high-level royals together for events like the recent christening of baby Charlotte.

Royal family news is again ruling the throne, garnering an American obsession with the royal family that we haven’t seen since Princess Di’s heyday.

Political figures can be too stiff while pushing their agenda, and Hollywood celebrities ranging from A-list to reality Z-list can often be too consistently trashy—but the Royal Family is a slick, well-manicured hybrid.

Prince william, kate middleton, Prince GeorgeFrom The Queen of England to Prince Harry, the image and actions of the Royals are held to nearly impossible standards. Please the people, be gracious, friendly and charitable, look perfect, but always be subtly promoting the Monarchy. They end up on the front covers of renowned newspapers as often as they grace the cover of something like Star magazine. And for that, we can’t look away.

Prince William and his Duchess are both straight-laced, poised, beautiful, and down to earth, the power couple who have spawned this new level of Royal-watching. Their children, George and Charlotte, are naturally adorable and beloved by the public. Who can forget the first-ever photographs of George, or the adorable white dress Charlotte was sporting for her showy christening seen ‘round the world on Sunday, July 5.

Royal mess-ups, though rare, are heightened to extraordinary OMG moments. Who can forget the leaked photos of Prince Harry in the buff during a wild Las Vegas weekend at Wynn resort? The scandal dragged out for weeks, with “sources” getting paid top dollar for information and collateral. Word is “Dirty Harry” got quite the scolding.

The story was even more salacious because of his buying right into his role as trouble-maker baby brother to Prince William. The story had legs because we couldn’t get enough, unlike if it had been his big brother acting out. Their mother, poor Princess Diana, was hounded from the beginning, until the bitter end. Her untimely death left two cherubic, motherless little boys, who would always be watched closely. But nothing they did warranted comparable media attention to Princess Di’s days – or to what we’re saying now with the newest Royal Family.

Every week is a different story. Some good, some bad. “Kate Middleton Fears Phone Hacking Scandal Could Expose Damaging Secrets About The Royal Family!” screamed a recent OK! Magazine headline. “Prince Harry Romance Rumors Heat Up as He Prepares to Spend His Summer in Africa” claims Vanity Fair. “How Arrogant Is Prince Charles?” asks The Daily Beast. “Mario Testino’s royal flush! Photographer to snap the Queen for the first time… having already worked with William, Kate, Harry, Charles AND Camilla” blasts The Daily Mail.

But maybe that’s part of our obsession. American celebrities screw up all the time, over and over again until another DUI is almost a boring past time (we’re looking at you, Lindsay Lohan.) The royals are so guarded, so calculating, so watched, so staged, that even the most minor of slip can send the elders into a tizzy.

Normally perfectly coiffed, Middleton can barely have a hair out of place without eyebrow-raising whispers. And if she repeats a dress she’s already worn—forget it. Front page news! In the Royal Box at Wimbledon, Middleton’s mother, Carole, was seen chatting it up with Bowles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Another breaking story!

Royal fever has even spread across the pond to entertainment news channel E!, who chose the royal family as inspiration for its very first original television show. The Royals was renewed for a second season before the first season had even premiered. The deliciously soapy drama stars Brit babe Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen. It’s frothy, glam, addictingly juicy, and has the potential for monumental drama every week—just like watching our favorite real Royals.

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