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Richard Zombeck is a freelance writer for hire living in the Boston area. He is a contributing blogger to Huffington Post he writes mostly about social, consumer, and political issues. Zombeck’s writing career started as a dare and out of desperation. A professor, after having read one of his papers out loud to the class, cursed him by suggesting that he pursue a writing career. Shortly thereafter he landed his first writing gig as a staff reporter with a North Carolina newspaper, when they were still printed on paper. For five years he covered and wrote about everything and anything that came across his desk: school boards, cops, murders, drug busts, fires, tattoo artists, doll house hobbyists, elections, giant turtles known as “Cooters” and the 90-year-olds named “Pearly” that catch them – He did it on deadline and several stories were picked up and published nationally by the Associated Press. As a result of an unnatural fascination with technology and a living wage he turned to technical writing. For nearly 15 years he cranked out technical manuals, how-to instructions, created step-by-step online videos, and wrote software and app reviews for Adobe Systems, Inuit, and Bitstream. Having worked in restaurants, tech support, and as a reporter, Zombeck has developed and cultivated a cynical view when it comes to human nature and behavior.

This Is Not A Parody: Lenders and Businesses Could Soon Use Your Connections to Determine Your Credit Rating

Credit Rating

Yup, all of those random “friends” on your social media accounts could come back to haunt you – in a very real way. Facebook, the website everyone and their sister, brother, cousin, uncle, and friends you didn’t even know you had is a member of, just secured a patent that ...

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Top Ten Types Of Ludicrous Article Commenters

social media

Water cooler “talk” on social media? These guys just get in the way. Every day, thousands of pieces are written, published, and put online. And every day, readers conjugate and coagulate online and on social media at the bottom of these articles and sometimes actually talk about what they’ve just ...

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Sanders And Clinton: Who Can Handle Gridlock?

Bernie Sanders

Just how will you wield enough power to get anything done? When compared with Sen. Bernie Sanders’s, Hillary Clinton’s agenda for America is less transformative, more incremental, and more committed to the status quo. The Democratic presidential debate last week made this clear. Sanders is calling for free college education, ...

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GOP Has Gone Completely Off The Rails In Defense of Mass Murder

Gun Control

Just one more disaster this election – will they ever recover from this lunacy? The GOP is heading towards a disaster they may not easily recover from. In the last couple of weeks, they seem to have ratcheted up the crazy to a level beyond their typical insanity. As a ...

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A “Socialist, Marxist” Priest Is Scaring the Crap Out Of The GOP

Pope francis 2015 USA

The Pope brings out the good in non-religious folk and the worst in the GOP. I’ve never been particularly religious, despite having grown up going to church on Sundays, singing in the choir, and doing a short gig as an altar boy; though in the Episcopal Church we were called ...

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Does Anyone Trust Hillary But Hillary?

Bernie Sanders

Bring on Bernie: As the email story unfolds, Hillary Clinton’s carefully crafted everything is winning over nobody. When Bernie Sanders first announced that he was running for president I vacillated between excitement and dread. Excitement for the things he stands for and dread from the delivery. The Democratic party desperately ...

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Facebook Is Rolling Out A “Dislike” Button – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Facebook Dislike Button

The spontaneous feel of the original Facebook is disappearing. Dislike. When I first heard about the recently announced prospect of Facebook rolling out a “dislike” button, the same nauseating feeling I had in 2013 when Facebook decided to allow users to edit their posts came over me. The negative and ...

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With Hill Slipping, The Spotlight Goes To… “Socialist” Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Sanders-Hillary-Clinton

Rising popularity despite a relatively miniscule war chest – here’s his game plan. It was only a matter of time, and that time is here. Bernie Sanders (who has long busted Republicans for their hypocrisy) is now tied with Hillary Clinton in Iowa, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll that ...

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