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As Now It Counts’ Grooming + Beauty Editor, Marco Medrano has enjoyed a long career as a beauty expert. Formerly the Beauty / Grooming Editor for luxury magazine HudsonMOD, BRASH.com and VEGAS INC, Medrano is also a licensed cosmetologist in several states including California, New York, Nevada and Florida.

Men’s Affordable Luxury: Sight, Sound and Touch Leaves A Nice Scent


Lifestyle and personal technology items are one economic portion that doesn’t leave out the male sector, possibly favoring male consumers. And although they are necessary, I’m not talking nose hair trimmers, body hair removal wands and 4-D jelly-bristled electric toothbrushes. Even electric razors, in my opinion, were once categorized right ...

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New (And New-ish!) Fall 2015’s Real Beauty Innovators


The newest items that deliver inspiring results, straight from our beauty editor. Among A-list fashionistas and in-the-know people who follow new trends, styles or “it colors” across any vertical, whether it be makeup’s new shades or skincare’s new buzz-word ingredients for age-reversal, Autumn/Fall is when it happens most significantly and ...

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These At-Home Saviors Will Give Your Feet What You Always Wanted—Completely Smoothed Skin.

Anti-aging pedicure

Embarrassed to get pedicures? Or been disappointed by every latest Sai Baba-ointment-infused double slough-scuff “spa” pedicure? Like the people who vacuum or sweep corners before the housekeeper arrives, I’ve been “pre-doing” my toenails and blading, shaving, scrubbing, device-ing, and cheese-grating my generally perfect feet forever, spending countless irritating moments (even ...

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Lights, Camera, Mascara! Light Up Your Life With A New Lighted Mascara Wand – And Never Leave Home Without Your Scent Again

beauty gadgets

Two rare beauty gadgets that you actually need. Techy beauty gadgets that we can actually use? These might be rarer than you think. (Although two good ones that do come to mind are the Sonic Spatula and Foreo Luna facial cleansing brush I recently shared with you.) Beauty editors get ...

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