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Help With Christmas

Are you looking for something wonderful to do this Christmas? If so, why not try donating to other seniors. Every year, hundreds of seniors go without food, warmth and something special under the tree to open on Christmas morning. Seniors helping other seniors for the Christmas holidays is a growing ...

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Are You Over 50 And Looking For Work?

Senior life is generally about retiring from a life-long career but for some, it is just the beginning of a new adventure of working outside the house. There are many great options when it comes to looking for work outside the house for seniors. You just have to know where ...

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Best Martial Art Styles For 50+

Martial Arts

Staying active is important at any age, here are some of the best martial art styles for people over 50. To start with, martial arts is another way of working out for a lot of people while learning how to defend, how to relax and how to clear the mind. ...

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Hobbies To Get You Active Again

Senior Hobbies

Growing older can be a very adventurous part of life and there are so many hobbies out there that one can enjoy. Today’s seniors like to do many things such as exercise, tend their gardens, and watch their grandchildren play and even text. Here are some other great hobbies that ...

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Two Vaccinations You Should Get If You’re Over 60


If you are over 60, there are two vaccinations that you should be getting this year. It seems like the winters are getting colder every year and they are starting earlier as well. This means that cold and flu season is starting earlier and starting to get harsher too. Vaccinations are an ...

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New Snapchat App You May Find Helpful

Social Media app

There are many mobile payment methods available online and now the popular networking app Snapchat has created one as well. You have probably heard of them, Venmo, SquareCash and perhaps the most popular mobile payment method PayPal. Now meet this newest addition on the block, Snapcash. Snapcash allows you to ...

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What Is Your Life Insurance Doing For You?

Life Insurance

While life insurance can be a very valuable thing, it only has value when you understand it. Life insurance is said to be one of the most important insurance policies you can have. After all, you want to make sure that when you part this world, your loved ones can ...

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