Thursday , April 25 2019
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Bill Baskin

Bill Baskin will be the first to say his work ethic and life experience have provided him with a very broad and unique set of skills, and an enviable track record of execution. Experienced in Executive Management, Operations, Marketing, Business Development, Business Consulting, and Sales Management positions, in companies from concept stage start-ups, to Fortune 500.   As part of Complete Senior’s core demographic , Bill recognized  when he turned 50 that the websites currently servicing this segment  of the population did not address the lifestyle choices and content relevant for todays more active seniors.  His vision was to create a destination that was more hip, more relevant, and most importantly, an accurate resource for in-depth content about the topics on every aging Boomer’s mind: Social Security planning, retirement planning, Medicare, insurance,  and so on.  Bill wanted CS to address the needs and options available for today’s aging population who may not be prepared for the  economic and lifestyle  changes getting older will bring.