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Men’s Affordable Luxury: Sight, Sound and Touch Leaves A Nice Scent

Braun-Series_9Lifestyle and personal technology items are one economic portion that doesn’t leave out the male sector, possibly favoring male consumers. And although they are necessary, I’m not talking nose hair trimmers, body hair removal
wands and 4-D jelly-bristled electric toothbrushes. Even electric razors, in my opinion, were once categorized right along with the Father’s Day holiday tie or carbon golf tees. This season’s Braun 9 Series is really a grooming toy to behold. It’s like moving a handheld Rolls Royce lawnmower over your beard and watching it effortlessly give you what feels pretty close to a blade. Their fun videos will walk you through every detail. 

Now You See It, Now You Don’t (bifocals plus distance glasses; one lens!):


I actually have Acuvue to blame for a new outlook on life. Because one of those marvels you hoped would always happen in our lifetime, just did! 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL are contact lenses of the remarkable kind. What’s so innovative you might ask? Multifocal? Forget the past or any memory of contact lenses. With super moist contacts that act as up close readers and distance glasses in one contact lens, you’ll be amazed at the comfort and the seamless transition of far to close. We make the effort with the latest fashion trends and hairstyles and anti-aging skincare. So let’s apply a now important layer of anti-aging—with MultiFocal contact lenses.


Which leads us into optical Rx lenses, frames and sunglasses. Or just really, really cool prescription glasses or designer opticals that can be worn as clear over your contacts. Enter David Ford Collections. David Ford (no relation to that Tom guy) has been producing iconic, top-shelf and expensive looking optical frames since 1971. So when shopping David Ford’s Collections, you’ll see the standout details that separate these deluxe optical works of art from the everyday discount retailer that we’ve come accustomed to settling for. If you’re like me, sometimes I’m hard-pressed to find two frames that might make us feel, well, chic, unique or just plain fashionable. And truthfully, as long as I can remember, if my health insurance is accepted at an eyeglass center, I probably will not find the ultimate prescription or sunglass frame. Here’s the thing, when I saw my first pair of David Ford glasses, I thought, his creations were almost too cool for me to pull off; then I looked closer and thought, “I have to have those right now!” You see, we spend a lot of time anti-aging, which also means not looking old or out of date. And blah frames that scream blah retail never express the way we’d like to be seen.

Panther Group

The styles from David Ford are current, some are full-on movie star and others—such as the classic shaped frames “Day and Night,” in police, Carrera-type shapes—are better built than most and feel solid and significant on your face, like when you close the door of a new BMW. Thunk! You can see they’re built for lasting quality and the lenses also come in colors and mirrored finishes that make a simple, elegant frame really pop.


I’m tired of dancing around it. David Ford eyewear makes one look rich and feel deluxe. And when you see the Spring Collection, you will agree. The Panther Edition releases new designs periodically (they’re all great) and launching now is the Panther II Edition’s Chrome and Black or Gold and Tortoise selections and are so darn good looking you’ll feel like you’re channeling Hollywood’s OMG bad boy, Steve McQueen. If you find a pair of Breeze-IIglasses you like from David Ford, buy them. Don’t wait because not all design runs continue re-producing, which keeps your stylish accessories looking very limited edition. Need to make an in-the-know statement without being too loud during business hours? Perhaps the Devo Edition in tortoise will display just the right amount of suave or the Wall Street in navy and white (watch for their design updates). Breeze II is a snappy orange and cream white, which is slick enough for year-round sea and ski and sport. With prices that are almost too good to be true, David Ford Collections is committed to excellence. So the next time you want to get your “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” vibe going, just log on and hit “send.”


Just like neon pink or flat Kelly green hair, many people today wear special effects contacts in colors that are intended not to be natural—every day. Like gold, gold. Or all black. Or Elizabeth Taylor violet. Studio Optix (above) in New York City is located next to NBC Studios (Rockefeller Center), so you can imagine the clients and level of high-end requests they must accommodate. Yes, the actors and celebs from movies like The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio and all the exotic, attention-grabbing eyes that must jump off the big screen. Studio Optix houses state-of-the-art machinery and is special effects capable. And it’s where I got my first pair of “sparkling” DEFINE contact lenses. I was really thrown back how deep, defined and strong my eyes looked without changing color. Not different. Just a better, healthier me. Studio Optix is the provider of my favorite wire-rimmed glasses that only they stock and online shopping is easy if you have your prescription.


I tend to buy my winter wear off-season. With global warming, we’re getting blizzards and snowstorms almost year-round in some places. The finest leather gloves should still allow you to be functional. That’s MUJJO. But if you’re like me, I like the feel of natural fiber gloves in cotton, cashmere or wool. So I picked up the most chic Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves that money can buy (priced nice on their website). The second layer of fine wool acts as a lining insulator. To make the gloves conductive, MUJJO has knitted high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers into the fabric, so the entire glove gives you function, plus enhanced thermal protection and “take any call at any temperature” unrestricted touchscreen capabilities. As well, check out their iPad/mobile phone cases and sleeves and MUJJO’s aesthetic ergonomics. Finally, some got “it” right. Form. Function. Luxury. MUJJO.


The-HeritageNow that your hands are adorned, let’s talk about the hipster bracelet craze. You know them. Monk beads. Carved wood balls, braided rope, etc. They’re everywhere. But like anything in life, they’re good, just okay or not so good. Personally, I prefer gems and semi-precious stones that have meaning, have certain strengths based on the zodiac sign and your wheelhouse. And when these creations come from a designer with 110% bright light intentions of love, longevity, strength and prosperity—the universe acknowledges. It’s also okay to wear a bracelet or necklace that also looks like a million bucks. TheHeritage. Coming soon to beautify, empower, guard and strengthen your experience. That said, repeat after me….Dear Spirit, I would like the experience of… _________, and as always, for my greatest and highest good. Bless you. Oh, yeah. Namaste!

BULGARI EAUX PARFUMÉESNow, before we leave our wrists, you’ll want to be spritzing some of the finest luxury scents that could only come from The House of BULGARI. People who know me, know I’m a fragrance buff (snob). I stopped buying couture label brands for years because of a singular, across the board note. Enter EAUX PARFUMÉES. These rare and truly unisex/masculine scents are honed and well planned for times of the day, seasons and events in your life. Aromatic blue tea, lavender, violet and musk, Thé Bleu is an intentional sensation for the body and mind. Thé Rouge has a warmer boudoir sensuality in mind with pink pepper, orange, fig pulp, walnut and musk. The shower gel to match should be in your ‘intimate’ cleansing repertoire. My favorite for day into night is Eau The Vert (Vetiver-esque). Rich. Elegant. Clean. Masculine. And coming in June is Eau Parfumée Au Thé Noir. A bold interpretation that celebrates the Eau Parfumée collection’s luxe artisan tea as a fragrance base. “Capturing the balance and refinement of the rarest and most special teas, this intense cologne is designed for both men and women”. This is your black tie, bedtime or date night go-to! Parfum does not mean feminine. It means strong, pungent and confident. A dab will do ‘ya.


Scent and Sight. Meet Sound.


PRYMA-Head-Phones-classic_coffee_creamThis is one time writing to the mature male audience when I know they know this sensation. You may have been smoking too much pot or drinking beer, before beer got sophisticated. But the namesake of this “far out…” sound is that blow the roof off your house before the doors burst open sound. McIntosh speakers weighed 85 plus pounds and were meant to play Led Zeppelin as loud as you could. Now pack that same technology into an Italian-designed pair of headphones. Pryma is primo. You’ll hear sounds, dings and bangs you never did before. The sound is so refined, you might even realize that a Mozart symphony is your new favorite. I personally find an excuse to walk around the block, listen to a few tunes and go back to work. Pryma headphones are that good. You’ll find a new joy in music. I promise. And definitely less than the $1,000. plus price tag many brands charge for. Primo Pryma music let’s you escape and enjoy. For life.


Now, if any of the above sensations makes you feel cutting edge or even slightly excited, I can honestly say you’ll be jumping for joy after experiencing

Kangoo_Pro_JumpsKangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes. Call them what you want. But they are proven to de-shock the running, jogging or high-impact forms of exercise that have caused many of us to change our exercise routine. I had to stop jogging because my legs got the size of tree trunks, but were also sore all the time—even after stretching before and after. I chose the pair of jumps that are also adequate for big, powerful guys and can take the pressure; Kangoo Jumps’ KJXR3 model has twin-turbo springs for true comfort, rebound and stability and it protects your joints by up to 80% via IPS, the Impact Protection System. People fifty and over are learning the power of isometrics (isolated muscle toning) by just bouncing and gently hopping in place. Get to know the sensation and promise you won’t be singing R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly…” sooner than you’re ready. Kangoo Jumps’ products (check their menu tab) are revolutionary and also great for physical rehab if you’ve been sidelined for any reason. Watch the videos and learn how to flatten your belly and overall weight, with improved endurance.

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