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Gorgeous: In 2016, A Woman Just Might Have To Live A Little—A Lot More Often.

The holiday festivities, crazy schedules and trying to merge your upside down-ness with everyone else’s is an annual event. Goodbye 2015!

Now that all that is behind us, let’s go the direction of self-love and indulge in beauty products that work and just plain make us feel great! This grand in size glamour collective has both value-oriented and luxury items, so you can place what little guilt you might have properly. Yes, I had to weed out a few non-performers and hope you enjoy what we’ve cherry-picked for your pro-gorgeous age reversal!

Bite Lip

First of all, it’s 2016. Get your own personal, customized shade of lipstick, lip-gloss or lip stain. Bite Beauty will set you straight, even if you’re a (lip) nudist or even a man. With lip creams, masks, BB primers and pure fruit extract oils, you’ll absolutely find what your lips need and want. Since my first coverage of their New York City opening in 2014, they’ve come a long way—so much so that a man can get customized bee-stung lip moisture, á la Cinnamon Lip Oil, or a perfectly matched matte Cashmere Lip Cream.


Pure and potent: I love SAIAN for those reasons. The brand’s dedicated to youthful skin and removing years of wear and tarnish wherever they can, above and below the neckline. They were also one of the first brands to include handheld, galvanic/microcurrent handheld devices into their regimens (SAIAN Beauty Lift with Saphir Serum is uplifting) and procure serums in their most potent form, such as Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. SAIAN’s Tri-Active Collagen Serum is the newest product on the market containing clinically tested Trylogen and ferment extract. “It protects and re-generates collagen, to firm and tone droopy, inelastic skin.” One of my top ten, all-time favorites? Pure Collagen Elastin Spray enhances moisture levels, hydrates, improves functions of skin capillaries, recovers loss of firmness and elasticity, evens color tone and, perhaps most importantly, oxygenates and stimulates natural skin collagen production, producing visible plumping of the skin around eyes, mouth and forehead. What are Cryo-Globes? Unique, handheld glass globes with many beautification uses, but these stored in-the-freezer tools reduce large pores, tighten skin and eliminate fine lines, not too mention alleviating sinus pressure, pain and redness post waxing, peels or assertive treatments. When you don’t want a diluted skin remedy, SAIAN’s luxury and purity is a great, affordable option.


La Prairie’s scientific steamrollers never quit—or fail to impress with ingenious “firsts” and it’s why they hold more permanent placement in my arsenal of luxury skincare than most. If kids can collect limited edition game cards, action figures and $1,000 Barbies (hair extensions sold separately) why can’t we, as adults of sound mind, collect La Prairie’s rare Caviar Spectaculaire, your personal terrine of skin lifting, marine-drenched moisture? Just do it! You only need two to justify their intention and have a party. And what better way to sample the new sibling to the legendary caviar skincare line than Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, Sheer formula. Want fast lane results? Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster is making believers with La Prairie’s “wrinkle interceptor’s” active delivery technology. Yes, it’s powerful, but it feels great, too. The much anticipated treatment makeup, Skin Caviar Concealer and Foundation SPF 15 is a luxurious cream emulsion that offers full, natural-looking coverage. The concealer itself is concealed in the cap as an integrated compact, providing camouflage for under-eye darkness and deeper flaws. Both formulas support firming with legendary caviar extracts (now this screams privilege). One of my favorite big-gun pick me ups (some have special lingerie days) is the Crystal Ice collection, with its core cure based on a Swiss flower that blooms and thrives right through a bed of ice and snow. Very few products (ever) replicate its dewy, rubbery texture that many women crave, as it symbolizes youth. Enter Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion. A lightweight powerhouse that reverses dull fatigued skin, for deep moisture. One perfect follow up to their intense Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, quickly becoming a young cult classic.

Belle-CôteBelleCôte Paris has updated us with new, potent seaborne products. Their Wrinkle Erasing Serum and creams are indulgent and penetrating saviors. And the Double Sun Protection Cream (SPF 30 plus marine minerals) should be a favorite if your serious about UVA/UVB rays or using retinols at night! But I fell in love with their cleansers and toners. Both the Volcanic Mud Cleanser and Organic Seaweed Exfoliator will change your quarterly shopping list. As will the Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Toner spray which adds a marine layer to your regimen, much beyond everyday “toning.”


GM-CollinG.M. Collin always draws me in with some of the most unique, detailed pieces of results-oriented skincare. Hydramucine Optimal Gel pairs pomegranate with Bamboo, Lotus Flower and Water Lily extracts to improve the skin’s water retention. Meant for normal to oily skin (I’m normal to dry), I liked it as an additional winter layer over Vital C 10% + Peptides Serum and under A.G.E. Total Defence antioxidant cream. That combination makes for one seriously powerful day of effortless anti-aging! For those requiring a more green or sensitive regimen, Bio Organique Treating Serum uses the highest levels of organic purity to stimulate the skin’s natural defenses and constantly oxidize free radicals aging our skin cells.Retrouvé

On with the luxury skincare binging. When the former owners of Kiehl’s set out to make a difference, not just another skincare line, they really overachieved in the most powerfully simple way with Retrouvé. Part art, science and some of the strongest antioxidants found in nature, combined in such a way to penetrate the skin. Touching and feeling this brand is knowing. I really stepped back and said “Wow!” Now I get why they relish in the art of indulgence and application. The brand is comprised of four serious products. Nutrient Face Serum (my Wow), Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream, Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer and Revitalizing Eye Concentrate (which really only requires half a pump or a large drop). Of course, you can buy it at Bergdorf-Goodman or other retailers, or experience it as an infused “tightening, hydrating and oxygenating treatment” says Erica of Skin Style, or also with Cristiana Skin Care both of Beverly Hills. This is how the big girls and boys roll!

BlissLabs Beauty

You may not know this, but Bliss was one of the brands responsible for re-energizing (and re-introducing) the spa industry to people that would not normally anti-age or know where to begin, via W Hotels, another boomers-get-hip destination for urbanites on the go. You’ll understand what it’s like to be a “BIP” (Bliss Important Person) after experiencing their much-anticipated skincare launch BlissLabs Active 99.0 Anti-Aging Series, using kojic acid, algisium C, gardenia stem cells (collagen/elastin boosters) and much more. I recommend the Essential Active Serum, Multi-Action Day Cream and their Restorative Night Cream. And their Refining Powder Cleanser (enzymes remove dead cells, gently) provides smoothness you didn’t know was possible while the UV Protect SPF 30 protects while it illuminates (brightens). Next time someone says “bless you,” say, “Bliss you,” right back.


All that glitters just might be OroGold, who came onto the scene in 2008, when many people were unsure of their personal financial futures. I first covered it in 2013 and admit I had a curious eye roll for a minute. Then…I. USED. IT. My skin and forehead became so tight from the 24K Caviar Micro Beads Serum that I had to test it on the face and forehead of a nearby colleague—or who would believe me? I barely believed me! We were amazed. Really firm. Taught. Uplifted. Incredible. One of my favorite items is the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling which effectively reveals your newest layer of fresh skin without signs of abrasion. The hidden upside is your skin is available to accept OroGold’s over-the-top skincare in full force. Like a 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask home treatment followed by 24K Nano Night Recovery Serum and 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment only to awake feeling, well, golden. Of course the contents aren’t 100% 24K gold, but enough (0.07 certified microns) to be a vehicle to penetrate all their super-ingredients (micro-caviar, collagen, Vitamin C, DMAE, nano-serum mixtures and so much more) that’ll have you saying “yes, please” as I did. As well, I’ve experimented with OroGold’s Collagen Collection containing gold, Beta-Glucan, vitamin C and collagen and highly recommend it. Key-West-Aloe-skin-matrix

Although highly effective, it’s not likely one would associate the words luxury or glamour with Aloe Vera. One of the most interesting (and affordable) skin remedies I’ve come across in years, as far as Aloe goes, anyway, is Key West Aloe, who’s put the “kibosh” on all that nonsense. To be considered and approved as ‘Lab Certified Aloe Vera’ is a major feat. To put the exact percentage amount of that purity on every bottle (each product uses different percentages for it’s creams versus cream-gels, after shave balm or Just Between Us Pleasure Gel, yes, personal lubricant), depending on their intention for your skin’s desired result. Key West Aloe knows who they are and who they are not trying to be. For me? Or you? I say use it as a definite anti-age cure. I, personally, will never give up my luxury skin science products. EVER. But I recommend this product to most people I know. Why? Because if all of the above brands are going to break your bank every month, then you need (don’t kill me) a filler. A filler that works, heals or can stand on its own should our ego or marketing/packaging right brains go to sleep for a minute. If you have to toggle serum one day, Aloe Vera the next day or in between your favorite night creams, then do what you have to to extend your (and my) precious skin care’s longevity. IE: make your precious bottles and jars last longer without sacrificing your skin’s results. Skin Matrix fights signs of aging, boosts collagen production with 80% Aloe Vera, Matrixyl, Cucumber, Papaya, Rosemary and Kelp. Optimal Results cream has 60 percent Aloe Vera, vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. I recommend a visit to their site. If you have to cheat on your most favorite (and expensive) brand, then Key West Aloe should be sprinkled between your top performers. Remember, Aloe Vera has been considered the skin savior long before we were born. Caviar-of-Switzerland-24h-regeneration-cream

Caviar Of Switzerland graces my face often, for a reason. Caviar comes from sturgeon, whereas this brand uses Acipenser Baerii sturgeon bred near Bordeaux, France to produce a high quality French caviar with respectful environmental impact. The result? Their 24h Regeneration Cream helps make the skin firmer, more elastic, less lined and altogether refreshed (younger). I found the Cellular Repair Serum to be healing and more noticeable when I ran out, meaning, my collagen production slowed down without it (yikes!). The Intensive Eye Cream is rich and line diminishing, can be used on the whole socket (contact lense friendly) and goes a long way! I recommend visiting their website for a mini-education on caviar within their brand for a better understanding of why our ongoing youth management is not cheap. I have no guilt here and hope you don’t either. Pulsaderm-redlight

Handheld home devices are all the rage and I’ve covered most. From lifting, microcurrent and infrared, to LED light therapy (red, blue and green), battery operated and more medical grade plug-ins (over the counter and professional). The Pulsaderm stood out for me because of the size of the LED lighted area (approximately a four inches across) and it’s lightweight. Pulsaderm LED Red light provides red light therapy using light waves which penetrate deep into the skin. Its intention is to remove the appearance of aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and brown spots. Coupling the device with any of the targeted serums (above) you are sure to even skin tone and reveal texture you once knew. “The energy delivered by the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulates the production of structural proteins”. Pulsaderm is easy to use, easy to charge and offers an alternative to skin strengthening and refinement and great for those who are sensitive to microcurrent therapy or a lot of lifting movement on the face.

There’s a lot of beautiful information here, yet it’s meant for you to fill in your existing artillery and replace as you need or swap out to stay on budget. But you will see results if you’re consistent. Remember, never let your skin get dehydrated and consider that middle layer of serum, Aloe Vera or nutrient. It can speed up your desired result and extend your creams and lotions by using less. And facial spritz throughout the day! I wish you a pro-gorgeous 2016. Now, let’s get to it.


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