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New (And New-ish!) Fall 2015’s Real Beauty Innovators

The newest items that deliver inspiring results, straight from our beauty editor.

Among A-list fashionistas and in-the-know people who follow new trends, styles or “it colors” across any vertical, whether it be makeup’s new shades or skincare’s new buzz-word ingredients for age-reversal, Autumn/Fall is when it happens most significantly and visually.

If we’re lucky, we’ll have an entirely new hair gadget, skincare ingredient, or handheld over-the-counter facial device for sending age to the back of the line. The type of innovation I may have been referring to are launches such as peptide eyelash ‘conditioner’ which actually stimulates quick growth, or the NūFACE microcurrent that can lift and tone facial muscles, allowing us to enjoy the cumulative and lasting effects for the days ahead. Or other innovations like Brazilian Keratin Hair Smoothing or LED and infrared light therapy devices used for healing, scar minimizing, firming, and revving up collagen production – anti-aging beauty tools we can’t get enough of.

Le mieuxThis curation is meant to be on product innovations that keep moving the barometer forward and upward—and hopefully can multitask or eliminate an extra step or two. In essence, I’ve chosen to share skincare products with skin science advancements or ingredient uniqueness. This includes treatments that may not be so new, but should be new to you! Essentially, these are my favorite things to love and that we can really use.

anti-agingKnown for their potency, Le Mieux has some standout products I really liked, because they use Hyaluronic Serum in place of water as the main binding ingredient—that’s a big deal. I found their spray toners, Iso-Cell Recovery Solution and Essence Toner, to be so much more, as its ingredients heal, tighten, and brighten. Le Mieux’s serums come in two forms; pure form or mixed formulas for multi-targeted results; and Hyaluronic Serum, Brightening Serum and Retinol Serum. Their hydrators are concentrated muscle—Essence Moisturizer and 24 Hr. Age Defying Cream. For at-home maintenance, try Hyaluronic Shea Mask or Icy Revitalizing Mask.

So, whether it’s winter or summer, many of us are still seeking sunshine and often find ourselves spending multiple long weekends in jeweled water resorts. This also means we’re still keeping up on hair removal. What I L-O-V-E love about the no!no!ULTRA is you can spot-treatment between your professional sessions or just do it yourself. The best part? There are two absolutely useful attachment heads that will make your packing easier and much lighter. As one of the first hair removal devices to double as an all-inclusive beauty tool, “no!no! ULTRA uses Pulsed Thermicon Technology and Dynamic Speed Control for a simple, painless hair removal treatment that customizes your experience.” Using either of the optional two beauty tips, UltraClean for advanced cleansing and MicroMassage for serum application take your beauty regimen to triple duty!

anti-agingNEOVA is an affordably impressive professional brand that is mostly available in medical environments. But you can get it online! My samples sat around for a few months—so I was embarrassed and surprised at the unique, aerated, mousse-like texture and feel. Yet, it was the visible result of a rapidly-smoothed, more healed skin. I was rebounding from a never-ending biopsy crater on my cheek (size of a chickpea) that stubbornly stopped healing. So when I finally got on board, I found that NEOVA comes from a serious pharma background, committed to the Science of Skin Health in disease management and skin rejuvenation. Lucky us! NEOVA has a handful of hero products that I urge you try, many focused on photo damaged (marks or acne scars post sun, UVA/UVB light sources), scarred or deteriorated facial skin. Begin your skin’s turnaround journey by clearing the decks, which allows NEOVA power to enter and transform the skins layers—Reveal Exfoliator (20% Glycolic) produces results as a powerful, non-caustic way to lighten scars, remove fine lines, dead skin cells and let your skin breath. A real renewer! DNA Total Repair is a true corrector, touching every aspect of photo damage reversal. Crème De La Copper is a groundbreaking moisture-rich formula, with potent concentrates of ceramides and antioxidants (impressive feel and result), Dual Matrix [Retinol + DNA] is another non-irritating powerhouse as a terrific all around repairer of spots, firmness and line reduction. The important thing to remember‑YOU MUST DO THIS‑is apply a high-protection SPF UVA/UVB blocker, so your spots and progress don’t go backwards! DNA Damage Control Everyday, is a broad spectrum SPF 44 that disappears and glides on smoothly as one of my new favorite products. Copper Moisture Mask will keep your face firm and moisture saturated!

anti-agingAlthough it’s become common knowledge that the right combination of plant-based ingredients can enter, heal, and transform skin as well as many pharmaceuticals, some people still hesitate when organic skincare is in front of them. Throw that idea out! Nordic Beauty is a very potent, simple line that really impresses, treating your skin as an organic luxury option that does not compromise your health. Using the highest purity standards, Nordic Beauty has scientifically created a proprietary anti-aging formula using collagen peptides that come from the skin of Norwegian Cod, caught in the wild and in the cold waters of Northern Norway’ s deep seas. Only specific marine collagen peptides, because they are so small, can penetrate the epidermis’s lower layers of your skin. Face and Eye Collagen Peptide Serum is terrific as an all in one champion, while the Youth Collagen Peptide Cream is a rich hydrator and collagen-stimulating machine that jiggers cell growth and plumping (wrinkle turnover) and new life. I was introduced by the Collagen Peptide Broad Spectrum SPF 30 CC Cream which gave luxe moisture and firming plus the invisibly faint coverage of a light tint and perfector, with SPF. In winter the extra layer of this cream can’t hurt, as I used it that way. Their Healing Face Oil Serum is terrific and packed with amazing antioxidants. You’ll fall over when you see their ingredients glossary list! Indulge yourself with their generous sizes and purity.


HydroPeptide has been at the forefront, literally, with peptide research treatments scientific strides. Their Power Serum “Line Lifting Transformation” is considered top of the heap in the beauty world, while their newest items are what caught my eye. With anti-redness inhibitors, 5X Power Peel uses Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Exfoliating Peptide and Mushroom Enzymes to clarify, resurface, brighten, and smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration and dull skin that is at the end of its cycle using daily resurfacing pads. Intended to provide rapid comfort and relieve muscular tension, Stimulating Relief Balm uses micro-circulating and antioxidant peptides, coconut oil, caffeine, and curcumin to penetrate tired, achy bodies and legs in an elegant way.

anti-agingBlack Is White tough whitening toothpaste, once only found in private Swiss clinics and retailers, is now available to us. I LOVE this brightening dentifrice. Active carbon gently absorbs stains and eliminates them without having to bleach, keeping the enamel in tact and
sealing it like a waxed floor, but still allowing carbon to remove daily stains.

anti-agingObagi skincare has been at the forefront as a serious skin ailment turnaround solution, with targeted lines like Gentle Rejuvenation System, Professional-C Products (including Rx-C by Prescription and Fx-C over the counter), ELASTIderm Décolletage and Eye Products considered highly respectable and results driven. Our focus today is Obagi Nu-Derm System, a complete system intended to transform aging skin. Although a doctor’s prescription is required, it’s well worth the preliminary office visit if you need to kick off a potent routine. The hero product for me in this lineup is Exfoderm, a lightweight lotion that
reveals new skin cells for a brighter, smoother complexion by exfoliating the top layer of skin, removing dull, old skin cells.

anti-agingIf there ever was a time to leave behind the drug store or supermarket snobbery, that time would be right now! As a stylist for over 25 years, I’ve always been impressed with the “spot on” trend that Giovanni Hair Care Products always displays, to the extent of always having a few pieces in my repertoire. Presenting their 2Chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Repairing Collection. From the sulfate free Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner to their Leave-In Conditioning Styling Elixir, the beautiful essences will cure, drench and give you tame, cured dryness with nourished, bouncy, hair-can-move silkiness.

anti-agingIf all of this beauty is just about to send you overboard—or to the spa, let’s make one more glamour stop before you make that reservation. Not only has Bliss Spa nationally launched a cosmetic medial services campaign with cutting edge and injectibles, Bliss has released their much-anticipated makeup line. And it is as clever and beautiful as you might imagine! Or know Bliss Spas to be…! Their motto of “It’s more than makeup, it’s skincare in color..” could not be more true as their color palettes and one-of-a-kind applicators put a playful, couture spin on looking cosmetically beautiful.

Wishing you the best and most pro-gorgeous Fall 2015 ever!

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