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NiC Gorgeous: Summer’s Here

It’s time to take your pro-gorgeous beauty regimen seriously: Summer is here.

As we discussed in the last issue of NiC Magazine, I much prefer the term pro-gorgeous to anti-aging. With most of the nation still reeling from an unusually long, deep freeze and the weather patterns continuing to be out of whack, I decided to break tradition with some seasonal anti-aging categorization. As a new member of the 50+ club myself, there are certain pro-gorgeous steps I’m doing year round. Those beauty staples include SPF 30+ or mineral protection, less direct or uncovered mid-day sunlight on my skin and sulfate-free or extremely gentle shampoos.

Until recently, the combination of medication residue, sun damage and age spots were a never-ending reminder of our age. That said, it’s becoming more common to “brighten” your face year-round (or use topical C) and manufacturers are arming us with the necessary products and protection ingredients to continuously achieve refreshed, even-toned skin 24-7—including the unforgiving, sunny summers. Some stronger anti-oxidant products can break up uneven pigmentation without having to necessarily use a brightener product, although I prefer layers of effective skincare that match your intentions.

Please don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to be pro-gorgeous. If you’re not using an effective serum, you absolutely should be (I often use two GM-Collin-serumat a time). It’s the first topical reversal item to touch your skin after toning—and usually contains the “big gun” actives and correctives everyone needs to put aging skin on notice. The molecules in serums are usually smaller and more absorbable and should be considered your highly defensive battalion of youth. I’m serious: Put on serum every day.

If you’re looking to gently treat your skin with noticeable results, consider GM Collin’s Active C Serum Vitamin C Concentrate. It comes as a four-vial intensive, leave-on protocol that lasts one month, used day and night as the first-applied product before your moisturizer. It’s a great product to weave into your existing skincare regimen. When your month of rejuvenation is up, you can continue the detoxification process, tissue

 regeneration and elasticity improvements with their daily Vital C 10% + Peptides Serum. Follow that with Native Collagen Gel or 3D Visible Lifting Serum and 3D Visible Lifting Cream and you’ll be writing me thank you notes (don’t you love receiving thank you notes—talk about a lost art). Visit GM Collin’s website for the skinny on this A-List line.

Etienne-Dragon-BloodFlexing some serious French muscle is Etienne Raff’s Dragon’s Blood Antioxidant Serum using active flavonoids (the white fibers insidecitrus) which offer combined antioxidant activity 20 times more potent than some vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E for penetrable and powerful dermal repair, past and present.
 Do try their Youth Day Cream Royal Jelly and Firming Night Cream Royal Jelly for an effortlessly rich pro-gorgeous program.

Tend to be shiny or live in a hot or humid environment? Well, sweaty season is upon us—and so is Repêchage’s T-Zone Shine Control Serum. It not only “mattifies” and lessens pores without drying skin, it’s also packed with vitamins, seaweeds and antioxidants. As your first defense, you can even wear it under their C-Serum Seaweed Filtrate or Vita Cura Cell Renewal Serum and go light on your day cream. Their Sea Me Set includes all three and Hydra-Amino 18 Hair Spa Serum. That’s an impressive pro-gorgeousRepêchage-Sea-Me-Set travel kit right there! Let’s not forget the hands and décolleté because those often-ignored areas can reveal one’s age in a flash. Their Biolight Brightening Body Corrector is an absolute must-have product for areas with high pigmentation, freckles or age spots.

Whether you’re hitting the surf or the red carpet, try La Prairie’s Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30 for an indulgent and oh-so-worth-it radiant protector of past wrinkles, discoloration and even future damage. I actually reapplied this at the beach (hourly, under my baseball cap). LA-Prairie-Cellular-Radiance-EmulsionYou can treat lines, gently brighten, moisturize and protect during the daylight in confidence. It’s easy to see why it’s one of my favorite all-in-one secret weapons in any environment. Also still working miracles for me is their Skin Caviar Liquid Lift. La Prairie says it best: “Gravity-defiant lifting and skin recovery serum with the highest concentration of pure caviar extracts”. Truth? I’d skip lunch and dinner to own it. You should, too.

Now for SPFs and mineral protection. Must. Do. Always. A very controversial topic that can get tricky, so invest in a good one. Ingredients to look for prior to purchasing: Water-based, paraben-free, PABA-free, addresses UVA/UVB rays and mineral-based are good starts. If possible, make sure to wash, rinse or wet-wipe your hands before re-applying. SAIAN creates terrific professional skincare products and their sun protection is stellar. Their Sunscreen Mist SPF 29 or their Green Tea Mineral Sunblock SPF 30 are rich and unique. I also use and love ClarinsUV PLUS HP SPF 40 Day Screen, which absorbs rapidly (no signs on skin) and plays nicely with all skincare brands. Extremely luxe and 100 percent focused on sun care and UV protection is Hampton Sun, assuring even the most finicky consumer. Their SPF Continuous Mist (in SPF 35, SPF 55 and travel size) goes with me on my every outing. Even if you’re in the sun without a hat, continuous application has you covered—literally. Their body tanning products also have the full-range of protection, should you want a little more color on your body while Hampton-Sun-Continuous-Mist-Sunscreendeeply moisturizing. And it can even be sprayed on over makeup (amazing). Their unique aerosol-free misters dispense hypoallergenic, pure, safe product onto your skin each and every time (no fingers, no bacteria).

Moving on with all this glamorous age-rewind brings us to our hair and its care. I’m always amazed how many people drench their skin and starve their hair of moisture, shine and movement. Excellent shampoos and conditioners preferably sulfate-, sodium chloride- and paraben-free are only the beginning. In truth, the leave-in moisturizers and repair cream serums could stand to be used and abused a lot more. Like, daily.

Enter Oribe, [see story on page TK] the celebrity tress-master of editorial hair fashion and founder of arguably the most luxurious hair care brand in the world. Yes. The product line is “all that,” but more importantly, it just makes you look and feel good. Check that. Great. The creams feel rich, because the ingredients are rare—lychee, sunflower seeds and amber extracts, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and silk amino acids. Even the “firm hold” products are emollient-based, with shine. These products find themselves on many a Hollywood film set and behind-the-scenes of the rich and famous because they’re in demand and they’re that good.

My Oribe favorites for non-crunchy control, luster and softness? Ultra Gentle Shampoo, Conditioner for Magnificent Volume (daily), Intense Conditioner for Moisture and Control (every third day), Foundation Mist (a weightless, nutrient-rich humectant spray to prime
Oribe-Shampoo-conditionerhair for daily styling or thermal protection) and the my-hair-won’t-look-the-same finishing touches of Crème for Style toggled with either Super Shine Light or Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil to tame and refine some volume (if blow or heat styling) or to use later in the day as a “nightcap.” As for post-style sprays, I stopped counting. Oribe will undoubtedly change your outlook on “hairspray” as you once knew it as you’ll fall in love with the results, as each has its own necessary function and intention. From Thickening Spray, Volumista Mist, Royal Blowout, Côte d’Azur Hair Refresher, Superfine Spray, Dry Texturizing Spray and Soft Dry Conditioner Spray…and we’re just getting started. Beautiful hair happens with beautiful products. Get excited. Get Oribe. Or log on to see the products in action with DIY styling videos showing just how specific your hair beauty can be.

Now that’s plenty of pro-gorgeous beauty to kick summer’s door down.




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