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And The Most Expensive Candy In The World Is…

It seems there is a record for everything. And if you have deep pockets, well then you simply won’t be able to pass this one up. If you are a chocolate lover and don’t mind spending the lofty price tag that this treat will run you, then check out the most expensive candy in the world.

A 1.5-ounce bar of To’ak is the most expensive sugary bite you will ever take. And it contains only two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar.

The thing is that the cacao in this candy comes from 100-year-old Arriba cacao trees, widely thought to be the last of the species. They also grow the most expensive and rarest cacao beans the world afar.

The most current version of this chocolate is 81% dark chocolate, processed using Ecuadorian cacao beans.

The manufacturing process is similar to brewing fine beer or making a small batch hard liquor.

The beans are first fermented. This involves removing the shells and hand grinding each batch. Over the course of two long years, this results in just 574 bars of this chocolate. As a garnish, a cacao bean is placed in the center of each bar.

As you can see, this is no small undertaking. The world’s rarest beans. The longest production and fermentation process. And all done by hand nonetheless. Of course, then it’s the two-year process that results in just under 600 bars.

So what’s a chocolate bar like this going to do to your checking account? The average price being paid for a solitary bar at the present is a meager $260.

Certainly, most of us will never get to sample these chocolaty treats. But for those that do, it brings a new meaning to the term “savor.”

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