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Americans and Health Insurance | Affordable Care Act Dropped Uninsured to Lowest Level Yet in 2014

The numbers are rolling in, and the Affordable Care Act is working as intended. Americans and health insurance are showing the lowest numbers of uninsured in seven years.

Following the integrating of the Affordable Care Act for Americans and Health Insurance, more citizens are insured than in the past seven years in the U.S. According to nationwide polls, even 55% of those who were still without insurance said that they planned to get insurance prior to the tax filing deadline to avoid having to pay the tax penalty.

There was a slight contrast between states that were pushing the Affordable Care Act and those which were not, with embracing states outdoing the rest of the union. The top 11 states that saw the most favorable declines in the uninsured had also integrated the Medicaid expansion. It provides for a new safety-net coverage that benefits low income households, primarily for older Americans who were living without adult children under their roofs. Arizona and Kentucky topped the list, in this regard, for fewest uninsured, boosting double-digit declines across the board.

By contrast, Montana also boasted a 4.9% rate in the decline of the uninsured, but has yet to accept the expanded Medicaid. The state is, however, allowing the federal government to control its insurance program.

Most states feature an online insurance marketplace that is hosted by the Federal government. It’s part of a nationwide plan to decrease the uninsured and offer subsidized coverage for people who are not allotted or offered insurance coverages from their primary employer.

The nationwide survey was considered an authority source because it utilized a poll that interviewed 500 persons per day over 350 days in a year. That accounted for 177,000 Americans who were at least 18 or older. The results, according to Gallup, noted a drop of 3.5% in the uninsured from years 2013-2014.

Other states boded good numbers, too. These included: California (6.3% decline); Florida (3.8% decline); New York (2.5% decline); and Illinois (4.5% decline).

Overall, Texas was the biggest loser, with a miserable uninsured rate of 24.4%. During the last three months of 2014, the Affordable Care Act helped 12.3 million U.S. adults gain health insurance.

What are your thoughts about the Affordable Care Act? Do you think it is helping or hurting our healthcare system, and why? Let us know in your comments, and get your point of view heard.

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