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Aged to Perfection! Three Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World

Wine lovers have forever partaken in the joyous imbibing of their favorite fermented spirit. If you happen to be one of them, you’ll certainly enjoy learning about three of the most expensive bottles of wine in the world; even if the price tag leaves your mouth agape (or a-grape).

Enjoyed for thousands of years, nobody can really pinpoint just when or where wine was invented, though some experts say it was 9,000 years ago in China. One thing is for sure, good wine isn’t cheap and cheap wine isn’t generally good. If you’ve got deep pockets, or love learning about things that you probably will never buy, the following three most expensive wines in the world should satiate your palate, even if the wine inside never caresses it.

CHÂTEAU LAFITE, 1787: $156,450

For a meager $156k (and change, but who’s counting?) you can get this bottle of Bordeaux, pictured above, sold in 1985. But experts say that Bordeaux really only stays good for about 50 years. Being that this bottle is well over 200 years old, it makes you wonder. Well the real reason is that the initials Th.J. are inscribed upon it; you guessed it: Thomas Jefferson. When he was the Ambassador to France he had a real panache for good wine. He purchased this bottle to stock his backyard cellar, and had his initials added to it. Another bottle of Sherry bearing the Th.J. namesake also sold for $43.5k, and another bottle of Chateau d’Yquem for sold for $56.5k. Price per glass: $26,075



The first thing you may be thinking is that this bottle is about two times as expensive as the first one. But that’s because it’s a larger bottle, and the price per glass is a lot cheaper. It was sold to a collector in 2007 and is considered to be the finest vintage ever procured by Mouton-Rothschild and company, who hold the astute nameplate of being one of the most celebrated clarets. Price per glass: $8,631


Of the most expensive wines in the world, we can’t leave out good old American Cabernet. Oddly enough, Inglenook was purchased by none other than Francis Ford Coppola, who renamed the wine maker Rubicon. He actually still keeps an empty bottle of this vintage on top of his fridge to remind of him of what he says was the best glass of wine he ever drank. Priced at about $5,875 per glass, it had to be something decent.

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