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Tea Leaves for skincare

Add Tea to Your Skincare Regimen

Tea is great for many reasons but one great way to use tea is for your skincare regimen.

Sure we have all had a cup of tea in the morning or afternoon, some people even drink a hot cup of chamomile tea before bedtime to melt away the stress of a long, hard day. Did you know that tea has more purposes then just being a beverage? It’s true. Tea is a great aid in producing youthful, beautiful skin.

According to Joanna Vargas, (celebrity facialist for clients such as Emma Stone) tea is a great ingredient to add your skincare routine. Just listen to what she had to say, “If your skin tends to be on the sensitive side, if it’s red and irritated, you can rinse your face with chamomile tea after cleansing. It will help to cool down the skin and take down any redness.”

tea leaves skincareVargas is also a fan of mixing a little rosemary with chamomile tea and adding the combination to some bathwater for a nice soothing, relaxing bath.

Vargas states, “If you have really mature skin, you might want to consider using a green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and is great for promoting circulation.”

To add tea to your skincare regimen, Vargas suggests to, ““Boil it on the stove for half hour to make it super strong. Of course, you’ll want to let the tea cool down before splashing it on the face. For an extra boost, you can also soak cotton in the tea water and place the cotton on top of a face mask. This will keep the mask active while acting as an additional ingredient.”

To get the best effect that tea has to offer, drinking 1-3 daily is a great start.

Loose tea offers the best concentration and seeping it for longer than you would for drinking, can help produce greater effects to the skin.




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