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5 Things You’re Wasting Pre-Retirement Money On

How does your retirement plan look? Do you wonder if you will ever be able to save enough to settle down and leave the workforce? Today’s generation is estimated to be working five to ten years longer than the previous one due to poor retirement planning, with a vast majority of older Americans unprepared for retirement, according to the latest studies. Here are some simple things that you can do to cut back and get your preretirement funds back on track.

Eating Out

How often are you eating out? Did you know that food at a restaurant costs 300% more than food that you can make at home? But the average American dines out once a week or more. Instead, put that money aside for a rainy day and watch as your savings soar.

Coffee Shops

The very worst place to spend your money is at coffee shops. At an average of $5 per drink or more, you can easily splurge $300 per month just on work coffee. And for what good reason? Make coffee at home and invest in a thermos and send that difference to your savings account each month instead.

The Bar

The bar marks up drinks more than any other food service establishment. Two drinks and you could have a case of beer at home with no DUI, to boot. So why would you ever risk getting arrested just to pay three times the price of something? Save your money and limit your alcohol intake for a better, healthier retirement.

Credit Card Interest

By failing to keep your credit cards in check, you are essentially throwing money away. The interest rates are worse than loan sharks. And if you just pay the minimum balance due, you’d spend 20 years paying off a $5,000 debt. Instead, consolidate debt and get back on track to help pave the way for retirement.

Rent/Lease Fees

If you are renting a home and do not have any home equity accrued, you are not planning for retirement properly. Lots of unforeseeable expenses can arise when you enter into retirement, with experts saying that the average retiree spends $50k on medical expenses alone. By investing in a home you open the door to options like a reverse mortgage for retirement, which lets you tap your equity and access the cash you’ve worked hard to earn.

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