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5 Benefits Of Pets For Older Americans

Sometimes life can be lonely. As you age, this is a lot more common than you may think. According to Aging Care, 18% of older Americans live alone in single person households. What’s more, a staggering 43% of all older Americans say that they feel lonely. But there is a simple, easy and fast solution that you can consider to curb your solidarity and bring some welcomed, furry company into your abode: pets.

There are a number of immediate benefits that you can enjoy from adding a pet to your home. For starters, if you wisely choose to adopt a pet, you will be, in essence, giving them another lease on life. But there are far more benefits than just this. Here are five awesome benefits of pets for older Americans.

  1. Loyal Companion: With a substantial percentage of older Americans living by themselves, pets are a welcomed addition to most homes. They help prevent you from becoming isolated, and enable you to avoid loneliness and depression with their quirky attitudes and unique personalities, as well as daily needs, like feeding, walks and cuddling.
  1. Improve Your Health: Pets help you stay mobile. Whether you are taking them on their daily walk, grooming them, playing or cleaning up after them in the yard. Studies have found that older Americans with pets get two hours more in exercise weekly as compared to those who do not have pets. Pets also improve your health by helping to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
  1. Calming: Study after study has found that pets help calm you down. That’s why there are compassion dogs that are commonly used at hospitals. Their primary goal is to look cute and get petted a lot. This simple act actually aids in the healing process for patients, so imagine how it could help prevent loneliness.
  1. Creating A Routine: One of the surest ways to combat isolation is by having a routine. Pets give you this routine right away. Suddenly, you have to take care of them, feed them, walk them, clean up after them, bathe them, groom them and more.
  1. Lifetime Investment: Pets are more than just friends; they are a lifetime investment in a furry companion. They also can help you make new friends from meeting others at the park or while on a walk. You’ll likely find yourself in new conversations you never thought possible while meeting new and likeminded people along the way.

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