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Managing Adult Diabetes: 10 Tips to Use Everyday

Need some tips on managing adult diabetes? We’re here to help with these ten bits of simple advice.

Shed some pounds:

One of the best ways that you can take back control of your blood sugar is by managing your weight. A variety of smartphone apps are now available that can help you get your daily burn in (like Daily Burn), and you always have options to talk to your doctor, dietician or to hire a personal trainer.

Check and track your blood sugar:

Managing adult diabetes requires that you are forward-thinking and progressive. Make sure you are checking your blood sugar levels at least twice per day and tracking the progress and how foods impact them.

Take the A1c blood tests:

This will tell you what the average blood sugar level was in your body over the past two months. If you have type 2 diabetes, you want an A1c of about 7% or lower. Talk to your doctor for more advice regarding this.

Monitor carb intake:

Take notes on the carbs that you are ingesting and how frequently you are doing so. Good carb management is essential to managing adult diabetes, and will help you better control blood sugar levels, especially when balanced with an even intake of fruits and veggies.

Prevent hypertension:

Be proactive about controlling your blood pressure. Your doctor can give you advice and guidance on how you can manage your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Exercise daily:

Commit to a healthy exercise plan that involves at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. Simple things like running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga or a trip to the gym should suffice. You can spread this out over the course of the day as well.

Stay well-rested:

Managing your sleep cycle will also help control your metabolism and enable you to better maintain a healthy blood sugar level. What’s more, we all function better on a good night’s sleep.

Prevent and manage stress:

Stress can cause your blood sugar to spike. Take some you time each day to pause and calm your mind so you can de-stress for healthy blood sugar levels.

Talk to your doctor often:

Make sure you consult with your doctor often. Managing adult diabetes comprises a system between you and your doctor for the best results.



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