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Most expensive martini

Let’s Get Shaking | World’s Most Expensive Martini Will Set You Back $10,000

You can only afford to splurge on the world’s most expensive martini if you have deep, deep pockets.

How much does the world’s most expensive martini cost? Try $10,000 on for size. Because that’s what the Blue Bar at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City is currently charging for what they have also creatively pegged as the “proposal martini.”

There are some other top contenders, but their price tag pales in comparison to what Blue Bar is charging. For instance, Wynn’s Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, boasts a lofty “Menage a Trois” that will run you just $3,000. For such chump change, you get a mixture of Cristal Rosé, Hennessy Ellipse, and Grand Marnier Cent-cinquantenaire, with 23-carat gold leaf garnish, syrup that is made (literally) from liquid gold, a gold straw and a small diamond that you can keep as a memento of the spending spree.

But if you really want to go all out, in particular for a special occasion, like proposing to the person that you want to marry, you can really flaunt your infinite pockets by opting for the world’s most expensive martini, subtly called: Martini on the Rock (not plural, it comes on a diamond rock).

Here’s what’s inside this delightfully social (and gaudily priced) concoction:

• Grey Goose vodka
• Dry vermouth
• Green olives
• 1-2 carat diamond ring

The Algonquin wants you to get your $10,000 worth, too, and will offer to help you make arrangements with a local jeweler to assure that the size and design are right. How nice of them. It leaves one wondering if it’s even worth what you are spending, as most diamond engagement rings don’t retail for $10,000 unless they have flawless clarity, are blue or pink diamonds and so forth.

The whole diamond ring at the bottom of a martini glass mantra is an enticing and semi-original way to pop the question. But it begs to ask: do you really want your fondest memory to be something that was asked over a drink that’s typically reserved for heavier drinkers, and for a ring that you could have purchased for less than half the price at any jewelry store?

Alternatively, you can slash this price by purchasing a similar ring from a local or online jeweler and then mixing up your own martini. A short bit of research tells us that the cost would be about $2,000 for the ring and about $100 for the martini kit and necessary supplies.

You do the math: $2,100 versus $10,000. Most of us will agree that the latter option is far more reasonable. Then again, don’t we all wish we could buy the world’s most expensive martini without batting an eye?



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