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NiC Exclusive: Actor Ian Ziering Struts His Stuff (At 50!) For Chippendales In Vegas

Wow! For the second straight year, Beverly Hills 90210 and Sharknado actor Ian Ziering trades diaper duty for an unexpected run as the shirtless MC of Chippendales, the sexy Vegas male revue.

Ian-ZieringHunky actor Ian Ziering was leading a busy life raising two young daughters (now 3 and 1) with his wife, producing, directing and starting a travel website, among other projects. Then the Beverly Hills 90210 alum got an out-of-the-blue phone call that he says he never expected. Vegas was on the line, and it needed a new stud to MC its famous Chippendales revue. Fast forward a year, and the 50-year-old is back in Las Vegas for round two—living it up in Sin City, this time with his family in tow.

If you’ve never been to see the Chippendales show, buy a ticket right now. It is the most unexpected laughter-filled few hours with a cast of superbly talented men. The numbers are choreographed and performed with a wry sense of humor. And the unfiltered audience reaction is something you have to see first-hand to believe.

Ziering, who’s performing now through July 20, Thursdays through Sundays, granted NiC an exclusive. Tickets are available at

Ian, tell me about that first phone call, when they asked you to be in Chippendales.

I immediately thought, “Am I Patrick Swayze or Chris Farley?” I was definitely feeling more Chris Farley. My focus was on my two kids, and I had lost sight of my eating and working out. I lost 35 pounds so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. I had to work out a lot—I kept the weight off this year, but still work out twice a day.

What’s your role in the show?

I’m MCing the whole show and am incorporated into some of the numbers. I sing and dance. The Chippendales are such amazing performers, fantastic dancers and singers. I’m proud to be up there on stage.

Has your wife seen you perform?

Several times. She loves it a little too much as far as I’m concerned!

As do the other women in the audience, I presume.

Women go out of their minds. They’re in a safe place, and it’s like a chemical reaction when they see the men performing. Then throw a little alcohol into the fire. I’m serious—they all get unhinged.

Who comes to see the show?

The women are 18-80. And I’ve seen craziness from every age. The 80-year-olds think they’re 25 again. The things they do are equally as shocking! The guys sit in the back and just laugh at the women acting insane.

So you’re having a good time?

It’s tons of fun, like summer camp. It’s a great bunch of guys. I’m flattered that they wanted to bring me back. My family is out here with me. It’s great being a part of the tight-knit entertainment community in Vegas.

Have you had any cringe-worthy moments so far?

One time, we brought a woman up on stage. She was a bit tipsy and tripped. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and her dress went up.

Some women think the best part is after the show, when they can meet the Chippendales men and take their picture with them. Do you do the meet-and-greet with the cast?

Of course! It’s been the most surprising part—fans coming up, “I liked you from Guiding Light, or my daughter loves An American Girl.” It’s very flattering to have a fan base that’s so supportive. We take pictures, and meet up at the bar to say hello.

Chippendales seemed to happen for you right when Sharknado exploded.

We shot Sharknado in January 2013, and afterwards, I got the call to be in Chippendales for that June. Then Sharknado came out in July. It was a perfect summer storm for me! Now I’m doing Chippendales until July 20, and Sharknado 2 comes out July 30. I feel so lucky.

Are you soaking it all in?

Oh yes. I take pics and selfies every night for Twitter! [Laughs]



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