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Holiday Fitness

Some people make the mistake of attempting to lose weight during the holidays. I’m not sure about you, but saying “no” to my mother-in-laws pumpkin pie is basically fighting words! A more achievable goal would be to maintain your pre-holiday weight during the holidays.

Fitness during the Holiday

It’s not easy!! Pies, cakes, parties, treats & sweets everywhere, how am I supposed to maintain?
First of all it’s important to not let your workouts suffer. Whether you belong to a gym or subscribe to the home workout suggestions from our last article, not “slacking” on your daily workout regimen will surely help you to maintain your weight during the season.

Finding alternative workouts

holiday-fitness-can-liftingA lot of you are traveling during the holidays and maybe the people you’re visiting don’t have the facilities or equipment you’re used to using. Try getting workout bands to help, use books or cans of food as weights or, at the least, get a good walk or jog in whenever possible.

Another important component of the holidays is simply not eating too much. Yes, food is a big part of the season, 8 days of Hanukkah, 12 days of Christmas, work parties & family gatherings. However, you control what goes in, or not…choose “not” more often.
Also, you can use your shopping days as workouts. You would be surprised how many calories you burn walking around a mall and carrying packages.
Here are a few simple, but proven methods to surviving the season.

Portion Control

It is not a must for you to finish 3 plates of food! It is polite to at least try a little of each relatives dish, but it’s not necessary to wolf down a ton of Green Bean Casserole to prove the point.

Family Fitness

Take a family walk, or better yet, a family hike as a new tradition. It works before food to prepare for a great meal or after as a “cool down” from the yummy dinner. Walking the neighborhood could be fun for the grandkids as well. Go see all of the lights in the neighborhood.

Park away from the mall

The closer you get to Christmas, the busier the malls are. In order to add a little cardio to your shopping, park further away from the entrance of the mall- yes, on purpose. Besides the fact that your stress level will be lower (sanity from not fighting for a space), but also you will get a few more strides in to your day’s workout total.

Whatever you do for fitness, just make sure that you sustain it during the season. ‘Tis the season to eat cookies, fa la la la la laaa la la la la? No, it’s not the season to use “the season” as an excuse to go “off-diet” and glutton. Don’t become a bad statistic- eat right, exercise and say “no” to the second piece of pie or cake being dangled in your face.
The more you do now, the easier it will be to get going again when the new year begins.



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  2. I use portion control in my diet now. I have dropped 15 pounds since the new year doing this. Any diet suggestions?

  3. Portions are the main focus i applied in my diet. Just by doing this i have dropped 15 pounds and at my age thats hard to do.

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