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Pule cheese

You’ll Have Some Whine With This Cheese! Five Most Expensive Cheeses In The World Revealed

When it comes to cheeses, we all know that they never really are that cheap. But the price tag on the five most expensive cheeses in the world will have you turning your head, rolling your eyes and wanting some whine (not some wine).

We’ve covered lots of expensive foods in our never-ending quest to bring the you most overpriced eats the world afar. From the most expensive whiskeys in the world to the most expensive steaks in the world, to the most expensive beers in the world and even the most expensive desserts in the world.

And now it’s time to take a look at the five most expensive cheeses in the world. So get ready to ‘whine’ when you see how much these suckers will set you back.

  1. most expensive cheesesCaciocavallo Podolico – 70 euro/kg; US $42/pound

Also known as “horse cheese,” it’s a very common cheese in Southern Italy. But it does not come from horse’s milk. It was named as such because it was carried by horses way back in the day. Fewer than 25,000 cows exist that the produce the milk used to make this cheese, and the lactation period only lasts a solitary month, hence the price tag.


  1. Bitto storico – 245 euro/kg; US $150/poundBitto storico

Another expensive Italian cheese, this aged, fine cheese is made in the Sanctuary of Bitto, in Gerola Alta, where it sits for about 16 years. Only small stocks are released to public to preserve the aging process, with no real ability for retailers to get mass quantities, thus preserving the high demand market.


  1. Moose Cheese – Over 500/kg; US $300/pound

most expensive cheesesGullan, Haelga, and Juno moose milk is used to create this specialty cheese, with lactation only occurring during the months of May through September. Since the cows only produce about five liters per day of this specialty milk, and since lactation is only over the summer, the supply and demand dictate the lofty price tag. And yes, it’s moose milk cheese.


  1. Most expensive cheeseWhite Stilton Gold – 700 euro/kg ; US $420/pound

There are only half a dozen creameries worldwide that are allowed to produce this high demand cheese. It’s been commonly referred to as the “King of Cheese” in the U.K. due to this fact and its outlandish price tag. A “White Gold” version also exists that has gold leafs in it, too. Imagine that, you’re eating gold!


  1. Pule (or “donkey’s pet” in Serbian) – 1,000 euro/kg; US $600/pound

Most expensive cheeseMade from donkey milk, and only produced in the Balkans by Zasavica Special Nature Reserve, 25 liters of donkey milk are required to make just one pound. And, what’s more, the donkeys are milked by hand because there are no machines that exist to get the job done. No wonder it costs so much money per pound.



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