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Top Reasons to Get A Massage

Blissful Pampering – Top Reasons To Get A Massage

After a long, stressful month, our muscles can get all achy. Hardly conducive to us feeling our best. But worry not, dear reader, we’ll deliver the top reasons to get a massage so you can book that spa appointment in confidence.

According to the Mayo Clinic, massage offers a long list of benefits. We’ll cover some of the most advantageous ones in this short list.

Detox: The body’s lymph system helps protect you against toxins and helps purify the body, too. Massage has been shown to stimulate this process and is thought to help the body better eliminate waste and toxins.

Relax Muscles, Improve Range of Motion: Massage helps the blood better circulate and improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the connective tissues. This helps your body relax and encourages better lubrication of the joints.

Injury Recovery: A common result of injuries is scar tissue. With the right massage therapy, this tissue can be broken down more quickly, resulting in a faster healing time.

Improved Posture: For those who suffer from poor posture, massage has been shown to help correct the posture by training the muscles to sit properly over time.

Improved Immune System: With improved circulation, the body’s natural defense, the immune system, also becomes more effective. With regular massage sessions, the body can more easily defend against illness.

Enhanced Wellbeing: Regular massage sessions have been found to help reduce blood pressure and improve heart rate while enabling enhanced wellbeing all around.

Improved Alertness: A massage helps stimulate the brain and the senses, and has been found to help some improve their alertness.

Relieved Pain: Massage works to block pain receptors in the brain while improving blood flow to the muscles. This improves motility and helps reduce pain, especially during injury recovery.

Zapped Stress: A relaxing massage helps reduce the emission of cortisol from the brain. This “flight or fight” hormone induces stress levels, but can be better managed via regular massage.

Happier You: Massage has been found to improve inner harmony. When your body is working like a fine-tuned machine, finding happiness in everything that you do is a lot easier to come by.

You can learn more about the benefits of the massage at Mayo Clinic.



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