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Baby Boomer Lifestyle Trends | Four Things You Didn’t Realize They Are Amazing At

When taking a good look at baby boomer lifestyle trends, they are less ambiguous to the typical stereotypes that you might normally hear. In fact, quite to the contrary.

Common misinformation about baby boomer lifestyle trends include things like them being inept at technology, stuck in the past and ready to retire all at once, thus taxing the Social Security system. But such naysaying is not only unfounded, but entirely untrue as well. We’ll prove this point by demonstrating it in the following four baby boomer lifestyle trends that you may find surprising, to say the least.

Technologically Charged

Boomers that were born between the years 1956 and 1964 were actually a part of the early computer boom. They helped create the internet, email and most of the technology that we know, love and use today. While they may have never had the pleasure of having a Myspace account or a smartphone – up until this time period – they still helped lay the foundation for what was yet to come.

Email is Widely Used by Boomers

A common misconception about baby boomer lifestyle trends is that they still only use snail mail – or regular USPS postage; or an outdated fax machine. But according to a ThirdAge/JWT Boom study, most of them use standard email and many of them are avid bloggers. A large majority of baby boomers actually prefer to do all their shopping online these days, too.

Financially Adept

With all of this worry about Social Security not being able to meet the needs of the boomer generation when it retires, the reality is starkly different. Boomers are actually one of the wealthiest generations of Americans, according to reports that contrast this fact that were created and published by Federal Agency Forum, Marketing Charts and Mediamark Research.

They Shop Name Brand

Another misconception about boomers is that they are frugal shoppers. Some think that they are marathon coupon clippers, or are always in search of the cheapest deal to be had. But let’s not confuse shopping for a smart bargain with being cheap. A report by Marketing Charts found that just 36% of boomers will buy generic brands out of frugality.

In summation, boomers are in many ways like the younger generation, perhaps with a separate set of distinct tastes. Most are well-educated, and they account for about 24% of the U.S. population at the present. They also control trillions in wealth from their smart money moves, and have a historically low debt-to-income ratio. The next time you come across a stereotype regarding this generation, perhaps these facts can help you set things right.



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