Friday , June 22 2018
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How Pets Can Save Your Life


For centuries, pets have been highly valued by their human companions because they provide unconditional love. And, aside from the pure enjoyment a pet can provide, the interaction between a human and animal can develop into a strong bond—many pet owners generally care for and love their pet to a ...

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School’s In, Again


Each year, since 2007, over a million of the students enrolling in colleges all over the country are over 50 years old. For some, it’s the beginning of a second career or a way to move up the corporate ladder, others are finally finding the time to get the education ...

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The Doctor Will See You Now… At Home (Housecalls)


A San Diego Physician Brings the Modern Day Housecall Back Home. Gresham Bayne, MD, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, is the founder of the Call Doctor Medical Group in San Diego, California, a medical group that has harnessed the power of the latest medical diagnostic and communications technologies in order ...

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What If I Don’t Retire?

Seniors looking for work

For many Americans today, retirement is either not desirable or simply not financially possible. Although the stereotypical retirement vision of playing golf, reading and relaxing might sound ideal for some, it might create the fear of boredom and isolation for others. And for many Americans today, the fallout from our ...

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Growing Older: Safety Tips


Simple, but important safety tips at home & away. As we age, it’s easy to overlook the changes that are taking place within our body, but the best thing to do to keep our bodies safe is to assume there are changes occurring… and make some adjustments to our lifestyle ...

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