Thursday , August 27 2015

The Big Stories

First Grey Wolf Pack In California Spotted In Past Century

Grey Wolf pack in California

A photo that was released by federal and state authorities this week shows a healthy and thriving grey wolf pack in California, the first spotted in nearly a century. The image clearly depicts two adults and five pups, and was taken in southeastern Siskiyou County. Authorities have named the pack ...

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Federal Judge To NFL – Your Deflate Gate Case Is Puny

Deflate Gate

Tom Brady has got to be feeling in high spirits. He nimbly strolled away from the federal court hearing regarding his suspension to resume practices with his team, and a judge basically just gave Rodger Goodell and the NFL a big, fat bird. While the verdict is not in quite ...

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The Dazzling Maserati GranTurismo Has 454 Horses Under The Hood

Maserati GranTurismo

The Maserati GranTurismo wasn’t made just for tackling the road and its winding turns, but for dominating it and turning heads as you showcase your supercar. The curvy and stylish Maserati GranTurismo is in the running to compete (at least for its gorgeous and handmade body style) with the likes ...

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What Happens During A Reverse Mortgage Counseling Session?

reverse mortgage counseling

A popular borrowing option for older Americans is the reverse mortgage. But before you can get approved for one, you have to attend federal mandated reverse mortgage counseling. Here’s what you can expect. There are many benefits to having a reverse mortgage. Part of the application and approval process is ...

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