Saturday , March 28 2015
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    Reverse Mortgage: The Answer

    5 REASONS TO GET A REVERSE MORTGAGE Why are you still hesitant to pull the trigger on a reverse mortgage that benefits you in undeniable ways? THE 5 REASONS A REVERSE MORTGAGE WORKS

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The Big Stories

Mountain West and Plains Best Places To Retire; Wyoming Nº1

Best-places-to-retire 2015

Other states making “The Best Places To Retire List” include Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Virginia, Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona and Nebraska. Forget about the golf clubs and beach chairs when it comes to your retirement. A new report ranks the Mountain West and Plain states as the most desirable locations to retire ...

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NFL Replay Rules to be Reviewed at Owner’s Meeting


The NFL owner’s meeting will commence soon and with it will come some changes, as usual, of which all are voted upon. Up for discussion this year: NFL replay rules, more challenges for coaches and field goals. Currently there are a baker’s dozen of proposed new NFL replay rules that ...

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American, Um, Exceptionalism


Why does the far right completely freak out when anyone suggests that the United States isn’t No.1 in the world about everything? Last week I wrote about how the GOP continues to embarrass America. The main focus of the piece was about a letter to Iran written by 47 US ...

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