Sunday , February 14 2016

The Big Stories

Reverse Mortgage Answers To 3 Commonest Questions

Reverse Mortgage answers

As reverse mortgages grow in popularity, more questions are surfacing from people who are interested in learning more about these popular home loans. A wide variety of resources do exist online. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to find the reverse mortgage answers that you are seeking. We’ll take a ...

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Lamborghini Sets New Record On Sales Of Supercars, Besting Rivals

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini, according to the most recent data, is one of the best-selling supercar brands. Considering the lavish price tag that’s attached, this new data is rather surprising. Last year, the carmaker unloaded 3,245 cars, setting a new record. In fact, sales were so strong that the company stated that this ...

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Open Letter – Dear NFL, Your Rules Could Use Some Tweaking

NFL rules

The National Football League’s 60-minutes of football has become an increasingly complex game. According to the NFL, there have been over 60 rule changes implemented since 1985. Given that propensity, the refs most certainly have their hands full, as do the players and their prospective coaches. Each year the powers ...

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