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Rudy Giuliani: American Joke

Rudy Giuliani: American Joke

How did Rudy Giuliani go from “America’s Mayor” to a national embarrassment? And what does “love” have to do with it? Nobody does hypocritical mudslinging better than Republicans and this past week was no exception. There is an apparent inability among the GOP and their propagandist media arm, FOX News, to think, introspect and self-analyze prior to opening their mouths and bloviating about anyone they see as a threat without considering [...]

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Reverse Mortgage: The Answer

Reverse Mortgage: The Answer

Why are you still hesitant to pull the trigger on a reverse mortgage that will only benefit you in undeniable ways? I love lists—doesn’t everybody? Well, here are the five best reasons to get a reverse mortgage right now. And, yes, we’re all worried about our retirement. Some of us have taken steps for years to prepare ourselves by setting aside money in our 401(k) and other investments. Some of us are [...]

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The Big Stories
<span style=color:red;><em>NiC</em></span> Cover: Barbra Streisand

NiC Cover: Barbra Streisand

After a mind-blowing, historic career that spans more than six decades, how does Barbra Streisand still end up on top? “Oh, dear—I’m [...]

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<span style=color:red;><em>NiC</em></span> Exclusive: Kevin Sessums

NiC Exclusive: Kevin Sessums

From his years at Vanity Fair and to his current role as editor of FourTwoNine, Kevin Sessums is a celebrity chronicler like no other. Trust us. Kevin Sessums may [...]

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<span style=color:red;><em>NiC</em></span> Gorgeous: Deep Freeze

NiC Gorgeous: Deep Freeze

Winter is the best time to peel and reveal and science has allowed us to skin-rewind topically, gradually and without down [...]

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<span style=color:red;><em>NiC</em></span> Editor: Cuba, An Opinion

NiC Editor: Cuba, An Opinion

When President Obama announced the momentous change to end the half-century US/Cuba standoff, the reverberations came fast and cut deep. I was [...]

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<span style=color:red;><em>NiC</em></span> Money: Big Retirement Crisis

NiC Money: Big Retirement Crisis

Snap out of it! The time for taking retirement seriously has arrived—right now. We’re not taking retirement seriously, and we’re taking on [...]

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<span style=color:red;><em>NiC</em></span> Travel: Best Fitness Hotels

NiC Travel: Best Fitness Hotels

Keep your New Year’s resolutions going strong in these best fitness hotels to soothe your body. Right after the chaos of the holidays, you [...]

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